Do-It-Yourself Moving Vs. Professional Moving


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The process of moving involves a lot of decision-making, such as which realtor to hire, what house to buy, which furniture to bring to the new house and many more. Add in the dilemma of whether to move on your own or hire a professional mover, and you will likely be overwhelmed before you even start packing the boxes. To enlighten you on the matter, here are a few things to consider before coming up with a decision.

Deciding whether to do DIY moving or hire a professional interstate removalist mainly depends on your budget, the complexity of the move and even your personality. Some people are unable to carry heavy objects due to health conditions, while others do not have someone to help them carry and move things. Therefore, for these people, hiring a professional mover could be the only safe choice.

However, before making a decision, you may want to look at these few pros and cons for each moving option.

Do-It-Yourself Moving


  • Saves Money

For those who are on a tight budget, a DIY move is probably the way to go. If you are just relocating nearby, you can likely save a lot if you move your stuff yourself. But suppose you are moving to another state, you may want to reconsider calculating the costs of multiple travels to transfer everything to your new place versus hiring a moving company to help you move everything in one go.


  • Total Control

Perhaps, this is the greatest benefit to moving on your own—having complete control over the entire moving process. You get to pack everything in boxes and make sure nothing breaks; you know where to find every single item when you start unpacking, delay the move in case of bad weather, and everything else in between. There is also no need to box up all weirdly shaped things like potted plants and lamps and seal every box, which would likely be the scenario if you hire a moving company.


  • Advance Planning

Hiring a professional mover also entails planning, but organising an entire moving process yourself is going to take A LOT of advanced planning. You will need to figure out how to move everything from your old place to the new place. Are you going to rent a full 16-feet truck, or will a cargo van suffice? You will also need to plan the best way to load the rented truck and make sure everything fits safely and securely to avoid damage along the way.


  • Heavy Lifting

It is likely the worst thing about DIY moving, especially if you need to go up and down staircases. If you are an inexperienced mover, you will likely end with scratched up walls from lifting the bed or the sofa. Not to mention the possibility of breaking your back.


Professional Moving


  • Efficient

Unlike friends who are inexperienced and may back out last-minute, a professional interstate removalist is under contract and is obliged to assist you in the entire moving process. They will arrive on time with the necessary equipment to make moving easier, saving you precious time!


  • Less Stressful Moving Experience

Not having to lift a finger is one of the best perks of hiring a moving company. There is no need to worry about leaving scratches in your old apartment, begging for friends to help, or breaking your back. You also don’t have to worry about driving a gigantic truck amidst a busy highway.


  • Insurance-Covered Moving

Moving insurance varies from one company to another, and the prices vary whether you are moving locally or to another state. Some companies charge a minimal fee but give you the option to upgrade to better plans. Getting a plan with full-value replacement will replace the lost item’s equivalent monetary value when bought brand new. It may add a few hundreds of dollars to your overall moving cost, but it will surely be a money well-spent.


  • Less Flexible

Letting the professionals do the work means limiting your control over the moving process. From the loading of your belongings to the travel time from point A to B, it all depends on your moving company. You may negotiate a little, but nothing much as compared to moving yourself.


  • More Expensive (But Cheaper Than You Think!)

If you are just moving locally, you can do away with DIY, which will certainly save you loads of money. However, out-of-state moving is another story. If you are a well-paid professional or a business owner, consider how much salary or income you would lose if you are going for time off. By the time the packing, loading, travelling, unloading, unpacking and organising your new place are factored in, it could take a couple of days or even a week to have everything done. Whereas you hire a moving company, everything is done efficiently, saving you time and—in the long run—money.

Before you start packing for a move, the main question is: do you want to do the moving yourself or hire professionals to do it for you? Hopefully, with the insights above, you have made an educated decision that would make your moving as smooth- and easy-sailing as possible.


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