Digital Marketing Tips to Follow During the COVID-19 Crisis


During this age of COVID-19, digital marketing has gained significant importance. It used to be acceptable for some small businesses to remain in offices or stores and have the customers to go to them to avail of their services. They were doing well without the help of online technology.

Due to Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns in many parts of the world, people were forced to isolate at home and turn to content to entertain themselves. Huge changes in doing work also happened, a lot of companies that refused to let their employees work-from-home for various reasons before the lockdowns found themselves with no other choice than to embrace the work-from-home set-up to continue their businesses.

Picture this, demand is there and the solution is there but there’s no way for them to meet when most people are in self-isolation. Here are some practical strategies that can help businesses survive as well as thrive during this crisis

  1. Use Video to your Advantage

Businesses are shifting to online by using video. One example is gym trainers.  In the past, they would meet clients in the gym face-to-face.  Now we see them using video to reach their audience through zoom and other video conferencing apps, with the audience using big LED and LCD screens to feel more immersed in the experience of online dance, Zumba, Crossfit and other fitness classes that are done remotely.

  1. Keep Connected to your customers through social media

People spend most of their time on social media, especially this time. It’s a way for them to still feel connected to people in their life. Using social media is a sure way to keep your business top-of-mind to your customers.  Creating posts that will keep them updated about the services, products, delivery options you offer is probably your best bet of still earning something.

  1. Create a stronger online presence

With shows, expo’s, conventions postponed for the next months, entrepreneurs and coaches have lost avenues where they usually network and find new clients. Some ways for them to reach out is to appear in directories, on searches. What they can do is to create a website or a landing page that will showcase their offer. Find a way to appear on page one thru ads or SEO. Though most businesses are holding on to their advertising budget, doing these steps is a worthwhile investment in the short term and even forward into the post-COVID era.

  1. Rebrand or Launch Something New

What used to sell well before may not do so well now. You may have to think about rebranding or launching a service or product that is more in demand.

  1. Forego Price Increases, Offer Discounts, or Freebies

Most businesses are suffering and that also includes digital marketing agencies. Show empathy to customers by keeping your services affordable or offering them free for a limited time. Doing these will help retain your clients or even get you new subscribers, once the pandemic is over. Remember, sometimes you have to give first before you receive.

Our lifestyle has changed dramatically due to these difficult times. We also don’t know when we can get back to our normal loves pre-Covid so businesses have to be creative. Shifting to digital marketing is the smartest move that any business can do right now.


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