Pharmaceutical packaging is highly regulated. And this is for the safety of the patient. Due to this packaging, the content remains protected from contamination. The packaging is not only involved there but also it is involved in the dispensing, dosing, and use of the drug it contains. This is an important part of a pharmaceutical product. In the market, there are many pharmaceutical packaging companies. There are many different kinds of packaging. They can be primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary type involves the packaging of the content, around them.

There are many types of pharmaceutical products that need to be packaged. And the different types of formulations are- oral drugs, parental formulations, topical formulations, modified-release formulation, novel drug formulations, oncological formulations, etc. Therefore pharmaceutical packaging materials should be of good quality.

Some of the common types of pharmaceutical packaging are

Ampoules- These are the sealed vials. They are mainly made up of glass. Sometimes they are also made up of plastics. It is used for packaging liquid medicines. By this, the content gets protected from air and by other contaminants. Glass ampoules are more expensive than the other types of packaging.

Vials- These are made up of glass or plastics. These are used to keep the liquid, solid, or powder medicines. If you compare the size of it with the size of ampoules, then this is usually bigger. It’s having a larger capacity. For the glass vials, the option of closure is either screw vials or lip vials, or crimp vials. For plastic vials, the closure system is different. Generally, the bottom is flat. The bottom is not like the bottom of the test tube.

Blister pack- It is used to pack solid unit doses. They are pre-formed plastics, paper, or foil. The main thing about it is a cavity that is made up of a thermoformed plastic. It has a back, which is made of paperboard or aluminum foil or plastic film. This can be punctured by hand.

Bottles- This is used for liquid pharmaceuticals, tablets, and capsules. For liquids, glass is very common. Glass is used because of its excellent barrier properties. They are available in different colors. Orange or light brown is the most common one. This color prevents the UV rays to enter. And protect the content, especially that content which are highly photosensitive. But it allows the correct amount of light which is required to see the content.

Sachet packaging-This is a sealed pouch. Its shape is square or rectangular. Generally, it is made up of plastic materials. Very often it is used for powder medicines. But sometimes it is used for liquid also. hand.

The most common pharmaceutical packaging materials are tin, aluminum, and lead. Tin is chemically not active. It is inert. Tin is inert. In this industry, the packaging is very important. Because, packaging protects the content physically, chemically, and biologically from any damage. It doesn’t allow the moisture and light to enter. Therefore, pharmaceutical packaging companies should know the perfect art and technology of enclosing the products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.


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