The idea of going from one place to another in an easy way is one of the trending businesses’ ideas of 2020. With the increase in technology various ride-sharing apps that promise effective and efficient comfortable rides for everyone.
Uber is leading the car business market. The ride-sharing app is also labelled as “carpool karaoke” where people join in hands, contribute money and share their rides. If you are looking for opening up a great business.
To survive in the market initially is extremely hard in the business of social computing and the idea of rideshare with following amazing features
Features for consumers
User-friendly sign-in
This is the very first time that your consumer will be interacting with your app. So, it is extremely important that you make your mobile development app an extremely friendly process. You also have to make sure that you provide your user to connect using other media handles such as Facebook as well. If you collect as much as possible in a consumer database it will be good for you as you will get to know your customer better.
Finding a ride with ease
the instance the user sign ups, the riders should be available. The riders should be able to put in the drop off location as well as make sure that the consumer has filled in all the details. The details include adding the current location and the drop off location.
Real-time tracking

Once the consumer approves to join the car ride instant activation of the time tracking should be started so that the consumer is also aware of the fact that how long the ride takes. GPS tracking system also eliminates confusion and inconvenience

Split payment system

Since it is a ride-sharing mobile app development Dubai. It is extremely important to provide the consumer with the facility to split the fares as the payment should depend upon the individual distance traveled to be fair to every consumer.
Information about different passengers
By taking random information by the consumer at a different point in time you maintain transparency on the car-sharing app, you will be able to gain users’ trust as it provides the consumer with a sense of security. When you also let them know about the co-passengers, the consumers might build brand loyalty with the company as the consumer knows that you care.
Cancelation without hassle

All of us agree that life is extremely uncertain and a rider should never feel an obligation to get on a cab just because they booed it. your app should offer flexible time with the easy cancelation of the ride at any time in point.
Essential features for the app.
SOS buttons in Emergencies
The rising cases of abuse and mishaps around the ride-sharing community is increasing by each passing day. The SOS feature has somehow become mandatory. Whether it is the driver’s fault or the rider’s fault both of them have to face equal consequences if something goes wrong.  Assured safety is an important element that adds up to building a good quality image in the eyes of the consumers.
Schedule or book rides in advance
If you want to make yourself stand out in the crowd, come up with the feature of booking rides in advance so that the consumer also doesn’t face any hassle and the whole process becomes easy.
Different discounts for potential and loyal customers
Every business wants to generate a huge amount of revenues. This also happens when you offer various discounts or free rides to attract a large number of consumers towards your business. You could also offer bonuses as this extends the user base.
Facility to add a tip to the drivers
Drivers are also a part of our community and it is important that they are appreciated as well so, as a token of appreciation if you find the driver’s ride satisfactory you may also provide them with a good amount of tip. Which will also boost their morale.
The app should work even in lost connections
A working internet connection is not always accessible. When a driver is in a low data working area. It becomes impossible sometimes to access the app. It would be amazing if you build an app that works even if the connection is lost
Building a ride-sharing mobile app development Dubai is not an impossible task but it definitely is an extremely hard one. The more promising platforms that you provide now can lead to your business generating a high amount of profits. You should keep the following points in mind and add your touch of innovation into it.


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