Designer Tunics Tops: Dress for Today’s Women


The wearing of tunics can be traced back to the ancient Roman period, where the Romans wore tunics as shirts for their airiness and exceptional comfort, which was given to them. Over time, their usage spread to different countries and got varied a bit, too. Today, tunics have become a few splendid top options for almost every occasion- casual and formal. 

Designer Tunic Tops

Especially during the summer season, tunics have proved to be life-savior for women. Surprisingly, they can provide more ease and relaxation than you can while wearing a cotton tee under the scorching sun. As you explore more, you shall find that designer tunics can beat outdated sarees and lehengas in the wedding functions!


Even though tunics are trendy, many people are unaware of the categories they come in. So, here are the kinds of tunics you can go with for different occasions:

  • Kaftans

Spare a glance into the Kashmiri wardrobe, and you will find Kaftans as one of their most-worn dresses. Although the fabric used for those aids them in combating chilly weather, many cotton, and light-fabric kaftans are also available.


They start at your neck usually and end slightly below your knees. What makes them so enjoyable is that their sleeves are set loose and not fitted in the cloth-like any other kurta or top. If you’re planning to head to a beach for a refreshment or a sunny day out, go with kaftans paired with voguish hats and goggles, and you won’t be disappointed at all!

  • Kurtas and Kurtis

Many people aren’t aware that even kurtas and Kurtis fall under the category of tunics. Kurtis are short kurtas which generally end a bit above your knee and can be flared or not. 

When it comes to these two, there are numerous designer tunic tops for women flooding the market, each with unique colors/hues, designs, prints, and patterns, etc. You can rely on them for the most casual of gatherings and the royal and magnificent weddings. The latest designs show some meticulous detailing and finesse. With varied necklines, sleeve patterns, strap designs, etc., or the variety in which they come in is uncountable.

There are many options for pairing these tunics with bottoms- pants, jeans, dhotis, palazzos, skirts, lehengas, shararas, leggings, etc. 

  • Western Tunics

With the genesis from Western culture, these tunics serve as another option to go with for any outing, travel, work, and even sleeping in. From velvet designer tunics tops for women, which have become a trend for late-night parties to the cotton ones in which you can doze off, tunics are becoming the next all-in-one dress material. 

And the best part about western tunics is that almost all the accessories go with them. You can wear whichever footwear you want, carry slings, or glam up the look by wearing vibrantly colored and minimalistic jewelry. 

  • Contemporary Fashion Tunics

What’s better than having beautiful and exceptionally styled designer tunics in your wardrobe without compromising your budget at all? Contemporary fashion tunics allow you to wear modern luxury clothes at affordable prices and flaunt yourself like you’re no less than in a fashion show!


Whether traditional or western, tunics have become one of the highly worn dresses for women in India. Because of being super-soft and highly ventilated, their demand is increasing every day. Utterly comfortable to walk in, conduct all your activities and even dance merrily, tunics provide you complete freedom for all your movements. From daily wears to shiny and glittery party ones, they are available in all ranges. You can easily visit an online store today and count on them for any occasion.


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