Dell XPS 8930 Review – Best Prebuilt Gaming PC

best prebuilt gaming pc by dell

With the rising costs of GPUs, the Dell XPS 8930 does gaming for less

•             Interesting inward plan

•             Solid port choices

•             Great gaming execution

•             Good base for development

•             Has a passage level Intel CPU

•             Entry-level designs don’t have SSD

Dell’s XPS 8930 is the best cheap gaming pc you can buy. We have explored its specs and features you can read all of them below.

There’s been a great deal of energy encompassing Dell’s XPS equipment over the most recent couple of years. Regardless of whether it’s the XPS All-In-One or the XPS 13, they’ve been the lead items in Dell’s lineup. They center around style and structure without relinquishing the capacities you’d anticipate from an excellent PC.

Further out of sight, Dell has a line of work area towers with the XPS marking. We got an opportunity to audit the new XPS 8930, an all-dark PC that accompanies eighth gen Intel Core processors and some astounding gaming ability. Our survey unit accompanied the four-center Core i3-8100, 8GB of RAM and, above all, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, at a retail cost of $1000. The XPS 8930 Tower fills in as a section level gaming PC, just as a basic home workstation. You can, obviously, move to a Core i5 for an extra $100, a Core i7 for an extra $250, or up even move up to a Radeon RX 580 in the event that you need.

With the rising costs of GPUs, frameworks like this have gotten significantly increasingly alluring. Be that as it may, does the XPS 8930 give you a strong base for your future registering needs? How about we delve in.

Protected, commonplace, and innocuous

There’s very little you can do to a pinnacle like this to make it stick out. Except if you have a deceived out gaming work area with gleaming neon lights, individuals regularly lean toward these things to sit under work areas where nobody can see them.

The XPS Tower isn’t at all advertised as a gaming work area and doesn’t seem as though one.

In its ongoing update of the XPS 8930 Tower, Dell hasn’t done such a lot to flavor up the recipe. It utilizes a blend of matte and polished completions to make a dark rendition of the gaming-engaged, silver XPS Tower Special Edition. This new all-dark form of the XPS Tower is sufficiently pleasant to not have any desire to totally shroud it at the rear of your work area, yet it’s certainly the same old thing.

It ought to be noticed that the XPS Tower isn’t at all showcased as a gaming work area – and it doesn’t seem as though one either. Contrasted with something like the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop, this is an unmistakably progressively inconspicuous case, depending on clean lines and stifled structure decisions. It is anything but a terrible looking item, however it’s not so fascinating as we wished it seemed to be.

Fortunately the case itself feels firm and sturdy over all the various boards and association focuses. Despite the fact that the outside is plastic over a metal body, you won’t feel a lot of flex or give. In addition, it’s genuinely little and light, coming in at 22 pounds, which is lighter than the 30-pound Inspiron or in any event, something like the 33-pound Lenovo Ideacentre Y900. It’s additionally two inches shorter than the Inspiron and an inch skinnier.

All that you need, to say the very least

The XPS highlights a better than average choice of ports, blending in two USB-C ports among a sprinkling USB-An, a HDMI, Display Port, Gigabit Ethernet, Mic-in, and a SD card peruser. As it were, there’s a lot of USB to go around here, and everything else you’d need, as well. USB-C is pleasant to see, since an ever increasing number of gadgets and embellishments are utilizing the more up to date port sort – and particularly since it was missing on Dell’s Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop.

Dell has put a bunch of the ports on the front for helpful access, alongside the uncommon optical drive. It makes connecting a blaze drive, cell phone, or fringe snappy and simple. You won’t ever come up short on ports in the front or wish you had more – and that is something to be thankful for to not need to stress over.

Dell calls its device less framework “imaginative” and we concur. We just wouldn’t call it natural.

Or then again so we thought. Much the same as the side board, we discovered by means of the official site that the whole force supply rack swings out to uncover the remainder of the parts. It’s a totally different method for assembling a PC tower in littler space — and we must cheer Dell for that.

In particular, the special framework permitted Dell to pack a considerable measure of intensity in the skeleton — enough to deal with some critical redesigns.

Talking about redesigns, the CPU comes patched on, so you’re stuck there. Notwithstanding, the GPU can be effortlessly supplanted. Also, you have access to two accessible openings of PCIe for extension cards, and two void HDD spaces. While the size of as far as possible upgradability, there’s a lot of room here to step up your specs not far off.

Dell calls its apparatus less framework “imaginative,” and we concur. We just wouldn’t call it natural. All things considered, it took us some time to try and make sense of what we could do with it. Yet, that doesn’t remove anything from the way that Dell made it conceivable to handily get to all the significant segments without breaking out a solitary screwdriver.

Very quick, overly moderate

Our audit unit accompanied 256GB of NVMe SSD stockpiling from Toshiba and a 1TB SATA hard drive from Western Digital. The consideration of the SSD for capacity is a major also, yet is tragically just accessible in the better quality arrangements, which is a touch of bummer. For anything under $1000, you’ll end with the standard turning, ridiculously slow hard drive.

Fortunately the SSD is insane quick, coming in at a bursting read speed of 2.72GB every second and a much more slow compose speed of 346MB every second. The outrageous distinction is somewhat odd, however it’s difficult to gripe about a read speed that quick. True to form, the hard drive is much more slow by examination, however it’s large 1TB of capacity is constantly pleasant to have — simply don’t hope to pull records from it rapidly.


The XPS 8930 accompanies an essential 1-year equipment administration, which remembers for home help packaged into the cost. That is not terrible, yet you might need to hop up to one the Premium Support plans, which extend from an additional year as long as four years of help.

Our Take

The Dell XPS 8930 Tower is made for a little segment of individuals. It is anything but a devoted gaming PC, which means it doesn’t go far enough regarding custom cases or expandability alternatives. In any case, it’s a decent alternative for families who need a mutual work area that can be utilized for work in a home office, just as incredible game execution.

To what extent will it last?

To the extent ports go, there’s a decent exhibit of heritage and future-confirmation. What’s more, there’s a lot of room here to update, which means you could begin with something somewhat humbler, and in the long run set aside enough nickels for some overhauled segments.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly, in the event that you need or need a handyman. The Dell XPS Tower isn’t the best an incentive in a particular region, however it does everything great, settling on it a decent decision for a family PC, or any individual who needs to buckle down, play hard on a solitary work area machine.


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