Decorating a Large House with a Tight Budget


With a tight budget, it can be difficult to decorate a larger home. The key is to focus on the most important areas of the house and invest in these.

If you have a big space to fill but a small budget, here are a few ways to make it feel cozy and inviting.

Make a Plan

Decorating a home can be expensive. With this in mind, it is important to plan before you shop. Take the time to see which items are used the most and how you’ll be using your space. This will help you limit your decorating budget to only what’s needed for those areas. Read more at

Opt for Smaller Pieces of Furniture

You may not have the money to purchase large pieces of furniture such as couches and dining tables. However, there are ways that you can use smaller items in your home decorating strategy.

For example, if you want your living room to feel more cozy, place two chairs next to each other rather than a couch facing away from each other. This creates an intimate sense of space for yourself when sitting with someone else in the room.

Focus on the Details

There is no need for large pieces of furniture in order to achieve the desired effect. Small decorative items, such as vases, candles or art pieces can be used to fill up space. This idea is also applicable for smaller spaces that need more color and life, like a reading nook or a small bedroom.

The best way to decorate a home on a small budget is by focusing on the details, not the big picture.

Choose More of a Minimalist Look

Using a more minimalist approach will help incorporate creativity while being conscious of your budget at the same time. Clean lines and modern design are most seen in this style. Creating focal points in rooms with large pieces of furniture or artwork can be helpful and using one color scheme throughout a room.

With this type of style, you will want to focus on adding layers by using different textures throughout your home such as linen, faux fur, leather, and more while also using warmer colors to invite a more comforting feel.

Use Timeless Pieces

Finally, when shopping for furniture, make sure to look for pieces that have timeless qualities so that they can grow with you as your family evolves over time. This way when you are purchasing furniture and more expensive pieces that you don’t commonly need to purchase, you’ll have a peace of mind that you will get many years out of it’s use rather than it going out of style in the next year or two.

If you are in the market for a larger home, Oakland houses for sale have some great options to choose from. And with these tips, you’re likely to save yourself more money when it comes to decor which can possibly give you more money when it comes to purchasing a home.

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