Custom Banner Printing – Grab Attention By Using Simple Tricks


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Whenever the matter revolves around design, it is vital to focus on its simplicity and contrast. This method is applicable while looking for vinyl-based banner printing. You will hardly have few seconds to catch anyone’s attention and get him to read your message. In case the text font is way too small, the banner message might blend into the background, and you don’t want that. In case there are too many text messages, then no one is going to read it, and you have lost the opportunity.

Look for a font size, which is big enough:

Always think about the scale and size of the vinyl banner. You must pre-set the height where the banner will be, along with the distance it needs to cover. From what specific distance you want the prospective buyers to see your sign? Generally speaking, there is a rule to maintain around 10 to 100 inches as the height. Around 10 inches of letter height is suitable for 100 feet visibility.

  • If you are planning the banner in a high traffic zone with faster cars passing by, then the font size and that of the banner as well needs to be towards the bigger side.
  • The text on the banner, which is placed on the side of freeway traffic, will be much bigger than the one that you place in the park.

You can always ask the experts who have been associated with custom banner printing for the right size and design of the banner. After understanding your business motives, they will offer you valuable options to choose from.

Choose your words pretty wisely:

When you are focusing on vinyl banners, you have few seconds in hand to get the message across. In case the text is hard to read out and the customers fail to understand it, then you missed a huge marketing opportunity.

  • As per the generic rule, for using text, the banner needs to be 3 x 5 feet.
  • Here, publicity is the main reason, so always go for clarity and follow the rules.
  • Your banner must have a maximum of 15 words to it and not more than that.
  • You can opt for either three text lines with five words in each or can opt for five text lines with three words each.

You can also maximize the impact of customized banners by adding contrasting colors to them. For making the vinyl banner quite clear and even distinguishable, you have to pick up colors, which can maximize impact and will also be pretty easy on the eyes. Some of the options are white on blue, black on white, and more.

For a long-lasting approach:

Vinyl-based customized banners are gaining popularity because of their durability. And the best part is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money for the same. Once printed, you can keep the vinyl banner by your side and can reuse it later when the time comes. So, it works out as a one-time investment plan to consider.


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