Crystal Meth is one of the most highly addictive illegal drugs in the United States. It is the common name for the stimulant Crystal Methamphetamine” that affects the central nervous system.

It equals cocaine, Indian hemp, and other toxic substances as the fast-growing substances consumed in the last decade.

About Crystal Meth:

It is usually made in illegal and unlicensed labs across the United States and beyond. Crystal Meth is the colorless and odorless configuration of d-methamphetamine, which functions as an acute psychostimulant. It resembles shiny fractions of glass cut in different sizes. For recovery from Meth addiction, I recommend Legacy Healing.

Facts on Crystal Meth

  • It aids the flow of the brain chemical, dopamine in the brain. It contains the same effect as cocaine. The engagement of dopamine with the brain makes the user feel hyper, confident, and energetic. It is usually the first feeling the user gets. It is commonly used as a mood-enhancing technique in cases of depression, or even long parties.
  • It is a form of methamphetamine drug. It is made with pseudoephedrine, a chemical ingredient usually found in cold medicines.
  • The body is usually inactive for days after it catches up with the energy the consumption of Crystal Meth brings. After the usual hype, the body crashes down for several days, unless another dose is taken.
  • It is highly addictive. There is a high risk of getting addicted after taking it a few times.
  • Long-term use can slow down motor skills and abilities. It could be devastating for the long-term health of the consumer. Verbal as well as psychoanalytic problems are liable.
  • Although it is commonly known as ice or rocks, it can as well be inhaled, swallowed, piped, injected, or snorted through the anus or urethra.
  • Most people take it because they believe they can lose massive weight. Although the weight clinically returns when the drug is dropped.
  • The hype it creates usually lasts for 12 hours. Hence, most people boost their libido because they feel it can enhance sexual ecstasy during that period.

Effects of Crystal Meth

  • Due to its involvement in the buildup of dopamine in the brain, it can as well damage and affect the brain structure and function connected to emotions and memory respectively. There is a cognitive imbalance.
  • Psychological restlessness is imminent. Some of these are anxiety; violence and aggressive behavior; hallucinations; psychosomatic distortions; hyper activeness; psychomotor arousing; insomnia; boosted libido.
  • Consumption of high doses of Crystal Meth can lead to a condition commonly known as methamphetamine psychosis.
  • Crystal Meth also has physical effects. Some of them are dizziness; flushing; headache; high blood pressure; numbness; pale skin; fast-paced breathing; constipation and diarrhea; incessant sweating; anorexia; restlessness; abnormal heartbeat and palpitations.
  • Constant use or overdose of Crystal Meth can result in heart attack, stroke, and death.
  • Meth Mouth is imminent. Meth Mouth is the effect of meth consumption on the mouth area. This is caused by acid ingredients in meth that are harmful to the teeth.

Meth Mouth effects are loss of teeth, uncontrolled frequent teeth clenching, and dried lips.


Consumers tend to crave the effects over and over after consumption. The urge to get high and hyper resurfaces. It will become a priority than any other factor.  And the consumers will find no other option but to consistently stack it for consumption.

However, one can only be highly addicted to it after taking it about 5-6 times.

The person will experience withdrawal symptoms if he intends to break free. Some of these symptoms persist because the consumption of the drug alters the brain composition. The person begins to feel agitation and anxiety, psychosis, depression, and frustration.


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