Crystal Healing for Beginners: How to Become a Certified Healer

How to Become a Certified Healer

The healing abilities of crystals are known for centuries. However, there are certain ways to harness energy from these gemstones and transfer it to another body. Although crystal healing for beginners can be fascinating and overwhelming at the same time, one can master the technique through a specialized course and regular practice. There are accredited crystal healing courses for beginners that improve knowledge and train to use the gemstones. 

Created over the millennia, healing crystals harness energy from different earthly elements. This energy can be transferred from the gemstones to the human body for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

However, the process of becoming a certified healer is challenging in many ways. It is not easy like going out, picking up the first rock you see, placing it over your forehead, and expecting it to work like magic. From understanding crystals to using the right methods to harness their energies, there are several things to take care of. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on crystal healing for beginners:


1. What is Crystal Healing


It is a metaphysical healing practice that involves the use of vibration and energies of gemstones to heal various kinds of physical and mental ailments. 

Humans have been using crystals for centuries. Some cultures used them to keep the evil away from their homes, while others used for other spiritual purposes. Several books in the past and historians have also mentioned the use of healing crystals for a wide range of illnesses. 

Today, certified and experienced practitioners use crystal healing to treat pains, depression, anxiety, and other ailments. 

2. How Does Crystal Healing Work 

The technique is very straight-forward: crystals balance energy inside the body through vibrations. Certain crystals match your certain vibrations and aura. Certified healers choose a suitable gemstone to solve a problem.

Crystals interact with the human body’s energy and correct it by replacing negative energy with positive energy. While doing so, a gemstone’s healing powers realign a person’s inner energy and restore it. 

During an energy healing certification training, you learn about different types of crystals and their use. For example, Amethyst helps enhance intuition, while Jade promotes good luck and wealth. Similarly, Rose Quartz infuses a sense of peace and hopefulness in life. 

Different types of crystals offer different results. You can join a crystal healing certification course to know about them.

3. How to Select a Crystal

All crystals aren’t the same! From shape to color and healing abilities, there are plenty of things that differentiate these gemstones from each other. When it comes to choosing a crystal, experts believe it is a gemstone that chooses its master. According to them, a gemstone draws the attention of an individual. 

When you are looking for a crystal, get one you are drawn to. In addition, you must learn about a gemstone, its healing abilities, and its usage. Go for a Clear Quartz if you want to cleanse the body and connect it with your mind. On the other hand, get a Turquoise for good luck.

4. How to Become a Certified Healer

If you want to become a certified healer to harness the power of crystals and use gemstones to treat people, then you must join an energy healing certification training. There are internationally accredited crystal healing courses and energy healing courses that help you understand gemstones. 

There is a wide range of courses that you can study to know about crystals and their healing powers. For example, you can join a free course at a reputed online institute to learn about crystals. This course is an ideal program to know about crystal healing for beginners. 

On the other hand, if you already are aware of crystals and energy healing and wish to become a certified healer, then join an accredited course. There are internationally certified courses and transpersonal healing courses that turn you into a healer with certification. 

Once you have a certification and know how to use crystals for healing purposes, you can start offering your services in any part of the world.  You become an independent, certified healer who can treat people from the comfort of his home. 

Even if you are a certified healer but want to know more about crystal healing and energy healing, there are advanced energy healing certification training programs that you can join. Find a suitable course for your needs and have a meaningful and rewarding career. 

Final Words  

The world of crystals seems fascinating and magical. However, it is backed by science and logical explanations that tell how crystals treat physical, mental, and spiritual problems. You can join a course around crystal healing for beginners at Evolve Healing Institute to understand the basics of energy healing. After that, study advanced courses to become a certified healer who can harness the energy of crystals to treat people.


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