7 Small Differences That Create Huge Difference with Yes Or No Wheel


Using a prize game to create energy and excitement at employee meetings is a great way to ensure better team cohesiveness and a happier workplace. Employee meetings have a drab, dreadful air to them no matter how frequently one has to attend. As the boss, the resentment to have to participate in these meetings is often focus directly on you. One way to add a spark to your employee’s attitude towards meetings is to add a yes or no wheel; based on the spinning of the prize wheel to your event.

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How can a Prize Wheel help?

Everyone enjoys fun and the interaction. Everyone enjoys winning something. So, make it a throwback to the days of preschool where the excitement was part of the learning process. The great thing about a spin wheel game is that you have options. Here come the seven little changes that make a big difference with the yes or no wheel.

  • Depending on what your meetings needs, you can choose from a variety of different sized yes or no wheel. Although their dimensions are proportionate, the size of the wheel and its standing height is what you get to choose.
  • The prize game comes in three sizes. The supersize wheel is 44″. It is massive and perfect for those huge meetings where seeing in the back row might be difficult in a large banquet hall or an outdoor festival. For most customers, the standard wheel is plenty large enough at 31″ wide. It can be set on a tabletop or can be freestanding by selecting the floor model option. If that seems a bit “overkill” for your needs, there is also a mini wheel that is 20.5″ in diameter. The mini wheel has been used very effectively for small meeting settings and classrooms.
  • For the traveling event planner, both the mini yes or no wheel and standard wheels have a specially design travel case that can be purchase. These travel cases cushion the wheel with recessed foam inserts to help protect the game wheel during travel and storage.
  • Knowing the kind of prize wheel you need and what you intend to use it for is what should determine your purchase choice. But, not all spin the wheel games are created equally.
  • Some allow you to create and print your prizes using a template in Microsoft Word® or Adobe Illustrator®. These templates give you a blank canvas to allow you to incorporate similar colors, themes, and branding onto the prize wheel.
  • There is no need for professional printing or added costs. You can simply print the prizes directly from your home or office inkjet printer using standard 8.5″ x 11″ white paper. Then, using a simple “slide-in” and “slide-out” action, you can insert your prize wedges easily on every use. Make every event unique with minimal cost by adding different prizes and colors to your prize game.
  • Using a game that offers prizes is a great way based on the spinning of the yes or no wheel to build employee excitement. Prizes can be as simple as a free tardy pass, free coffee mug, a tub of gum, or something more elaborate as paid time off work. Added a spin the wheel prize game is an inexpensive investment tool. It will keep your meeting place an exciting and productive environment.


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