Create A Radiant and Illuminated World With Flow Toys


If you have ever attended a rave party or even a significant DJ concert, then you must have seen the different types of flow toys at work. These are available in almost every dance festival or electronic music concert. The glowing light-up accessories that create a particular flow with the music beats are called flow toys. These toys fly around at high speeds. 

For you to be on your toes the next time you go to a rave party, check out these flow toys. Get all the required information and be able to appreciate the fun and excitement of these props.

The Different Types Of Flow Toys

Flow toys are diverse and available in almost every shape and color according to the party’s requirements. Check out these flow toys to be able to deploy at least one of these fun props the next time you attend a party.

Poi Spinning

Poi means ball in Maori. It is an art that originated in New Zealand and required a lot of talent. These have now become one of the most popular toys for all ravers and dancers worldwide. The poi spinning shows are even more beautiful and exciting as the ball or glow or set on fire.


It is a style of staff that is immensely popular among the various dancers during shows. These are spun or rotated in different motions to create illusion and tricks and bring a whole new fun level to the dance.

Finger Lights

You are sure to notice these small finger lights in every rave party. These lights clip into your digits and flash a rainbow of different colors. These are some of the most popular flow toys and allow people to move their fingers with the music’s beat and enjoy a light show eight at their hands. These are very cheap and readily available.

Levitation Wands

Check out these flow toys called levitation wands. These contain LED lighting and strings inside the tubing, which creates a visual effect that looks like a glowing pattern. The crowd goes wild when these wands move with the beat of the music. These toys are a great way to find your flow with the music and create fun patterns with the light.

To Get The Best Flow Toys Available, You Need To Keep Certain Points In Mind.

The performance level of the toys should be high. They should balance comfort, weight distribution, and aesthetics for the users.

The toys should be customizable, and the users should be able to adjust the length, weight, and colors to fit the movement style.

Flow Toys should be durable and serviceable. It is achieved by using user-replaceable parts.

The toys require to be aesthetically inspiring so that most people are motivated to share them with their friends, family, and loved ones. The toys need to have an attractive aesthetic feature with a carefully laid user-interface.



Mentioned above are some of the most popular flow toys found in the plethora of flow toys available. To stock up your dance party for the next time, you can familiarize yourself with a few of them.



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