Cracked Screen


These days, however, dropping your smartphone might cracked screen. The smartphone display is typically made of glass or acrylic, which can break when you drop your device or if it receives significant impact. But, apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons that turns people off from a cracked smartphone screens, there are other functional, productivity and even health related issues that can arise when you use a damaged screen.

Phones with cracked screen will not get any better over time. In fact, the first thing that will be compromised in terms of function is the touch screen capacity of your phone. It may take longer for your phone to respond to finger gestures, or worse, it will stop responding altogether. The screen protects the inner parts of device from outside elements that could potentially damage the device.

With cracked screens, you put your fingers at risk from cuts when you try to swipe through it as per usual. If your phone screen has severe cracks, you could possibly hurt yourself with small glass splinters. The spider-like cracks are now seen as a mark of street cred and suggestions online include turning the back of the phone into a rainbow with coloured markers.

A cracked screen on your phone can be dangerous because it can continue to crack or shatter. Depending on the nature and location of the crack, your view can be frustratingly obstructed, and the cracked area can be more at risk from external damage from dirt, dust and liquids. Further, your phone can also start to lose some functionality.

Some cracked screens are accompanied by display issues, resulting in rainbow effects or other abnormal imaging. With a cracked touchscreen phone, the functionality that converts touch into digital input may be compromised. Even if the touch-sensing capabilities are initially unharmed, as you continue to use your phone, the cracked site of the glass may unduly press down on the LCD and cause more display problems in the future. Smartphones boast of high-definition display that gives a great user viewing experience.

When this HD screen cracked, however, you will be left with an eyesore. It will be more difficult to look at the screen and view content because the cracked areas. Smartphones come equipped with GPS and maps to help users navigate through unfamiliar roads and neighborhoods. Often, they steal quick glances on their phone’s maps while they’re driving. A cracked screen makes this a more difficult task and would compel drivers to lose focus on the road ahead.

Cracked screens forces drivers to take their eyes off the road for more than a few seconds when using the smartphone’s GPS, which could be a major hazard and safety risk. Using cracked phones screen is not only unsightly, but can also affect your productivity and overall well-being.


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