couples talk about how wedding video invitation was the best choice of invitation


Wedding video invitations are probably the best ways of inviting guests to your wedding. There is a story, background, sound, lights and much more. While couples are increasingly moving towards the wedding invitations online phase, it is important they understand why wedding invitations online are really important. But it would be boring if we listed it all down for you. It’s better to hear it from the couples who actually did it. So here are 5 couples who tell us why they created a wedding video invitation to their wedding.

Eco friendly

“Rohit and I are big on living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. We cut down a lot of waste during our wedding. We also cut down a lot of expenses. Wedding invitations were part of one of the bigger expenses for us. So when we heard about wedding video invitations it was like the best of both worlds for us. By doing wedding video invitations we saved up on all the environmental damage that we couple have possibly caused to earth while travelling to give away wedding invitation cards. Not to forget the amount of paper we saved by not going for printed wedding invitations.” – Ram and Mansi


“Believe it or not if you’re going for a wedding invitation that needs you to do the shoots it still is a little hectic. But if you’re going with the wedding video invitation maker online then life just gets really easy for you. We did that. Instead of investing money and time in shoots, we took some really fun, candid and special pictures of ours and used it for making the wedding video invitation. All we had to do was to create a wedding video invitation online for a sum of money. So the invitation process did turn out to be super convenient for us.” – Shakeen and Zara

Less Expensive

“Imagine the amount of money you’re saving by not printing your wedding invitations. I wasted almost 2 Lacs on my wedding invitation card. Only after my wedding, I realised that I should have just stuck to getting a nice wedding invitation to video one. That would have been entertaining and also very very less expensive” – Jo & Lawrence


I had a timeline for my wedding planning and I remember putting down almost 2 weeks for the finalisation of my printed wedding invitation card. Whereas my wedding video invitation just took me an hour to choose, pay, coordinate and get the wedding video invitation in my hand. Do you see the time difference? Well, that’s why I encourage people to only go for wedding video invitations. “ – Adit & Neha

So these are the 5 brides who created a wedding invitation video with Wedding Wishlist. Wedding Wishlist has a lot of options in terms of wedding video invitation themes. Couples can find any wedding video invitation that fits into their budget and go ahead with it. If you are looking at creating a wedding video invitation for your wedding then you should definitely check out the Wedding Wishlist.




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