Cost of moving home increases because of the removal firms


There is almost always excitement when it comes to moving home, especially if it is the fulfilment of a long-awaited dream!  However, when moving, there are various aspects to be taken into account beside the budget – house removal and packing services is one of the essentials.  Professional estate agents like the Bicester letting agents are able to help with recommending a reliable removal firm.

Since the pandemic, the costs involved in moving home have increased.  Here are some of the reasons why:

Demand against supply:

  • The SDLT holiday resulted in a spike in property sales as well as prices. This led to a greater demand for removal firms.
  • Also, after Brexit, a number of removal teams have left the UK for Europe, causing a dearth in the companies available.

As in any situation where the demand exceeds the supply, the cost of moving also increases.

Difficulty in acquiring drivers:  There is a shortage of vehicles and drivers.  Removal firms have had to offer incentives of higher wages to employ drivers, who are becoming less accessible.  Also, HGV drivers have a wider variety of employment to choose from.  Deliveries, bin lorries or construction truck driving are easier than driving for removal firms where heavy lifting may be required.  This wage incentive to drivers who are in short supply has, naturally, negatively affected the profits which have led to an increase in service fees.

Competition:   The surge for moving home is still at a peak, despite the phasing out of the SDLT holiday.  While professional removal firms require certified drivers, there are some unlicensed individual operators with smaller trucks who are willing to do the work of a removal firm for a lower rate.  However, it is in the best interest of the person moving home to hire a professional removal firm.

Cost of accessories:  The price of cardboard containers, packing tape and other items required for storing articles has risen because of the increase in demand in moving homes and home deliveries.  Another reason is that corporates are facing difficulties in transporting goods due to container shortages and are having to hold them in storage, increasing the requirement of the packaging material.

Delays in securing a removal company:  If one party in a property sale has secured a removal company, and the other party has not, delays could result in moving.  This is why looking at the time involved for the sale to go through and arranging for a removal firm well in advance is a must.  With removal firms not able to work at full capacity, they have to ensure that they do not lose slots for jobs already allocated.  Because of the uncertainties, some firms are insisting on non-refundable deposits.  This naturally results in increased costs for moving.

Stress of home owners:   Some owners, desperate to move in time, are offering to pay almost double the  fees of the removal company in order to guarantee the service on time.

Fraudsters:  It has been found that some unregulated organisations are demanding payment in cash, taking multiple bookings for a time slot and then choosing the highest bidder and cancelling the other bookings.  This is another reason why a home mover should choose an experienced and professional removal agency.

Distance and volume:  Both these factors will affect the cost of moving home.

  • If you are moving to a location far from your current home, it will naturally cost more.
  • The higher the volume of the articles to be moved, the higher the cost. Any furniture requiring special care, like a piano or an antique, will result in increased costs.
  • If the home you are moving to is not easily accessible – without parking space for removal trucks or on a higher floor without a lift, the costs will be higher. Some firms may include an additional fixed fee or some may charge extra to the hourly rate.
  • If your date for moving is flexible, then you should avoid weekends (removal firms charge more for weekend services) and the holidays.

Check on insurance:  It is important to clarify the coverage provided by the insurance company and whether or not it will compensate for damage that may occur during transit.  Insurance companies prefer professional removal firms and may specify that they will cover only if such a company is hired.  So make sure the details of your insurance are checked.


The above explains some of the reasons why moving home costs have increased because of problems faced by removal firms.  While this is so, it also gives options to cut down on these costs by hiring an experienced professional company, arranging for a guaranteed transport slot well in advance and checking on the insurance details.

In addition, the other legal and administration fees will need to be taken into consideration.  However, there is no need to be overwhelmed by the load on your shoulders.  With the expertise of your estate agent, you can still enjoy the excitement of moving home!



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