cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is often considered a lifesaver for people who feel anxious about their smiles or teeth. Over the years, several people have benefitted from this expertise since a better smile can dramatically affect a person’s overall appearance and confidence level. Cosmetic measures that vary from teeth whitening to bite reclamation have become easily accessible and affordable with recent dental science advances. Primarily focused on the aspects of dental beautification such as colour, arrangement, shape, and size, this branch of dentistry can improve the appearance of the tooth, gums, and bite of a person while contributing to the overall functionality of teeth. Cosmetic Dentists in Brisbane and several other Australian cities have become experts in the last few years since the global cosmetic dentistry market aims to reach a market size of $43.06 billion by 2026. Only with resin cement in the 1980’s cosmetic dentistry set off as a significant area in dental science. But one can find instances of dental beautification in which our ancestors attempted to strengthen and glamorise their teeth through history. These attempts of prettifying teeth are mostly found amongst ancient Etruscans, Egyptians, and Romans. While Etruscans tried to substitute lost teeth with unusual materials such as ivory and bones of dead animals and humans, Egyptians made dental crowns and bridges with metals like gold. They even expanded their imaginative horizon to hammer seashells into the gum to replace lost teeth and create toothpaste out of pumice stone and vinegar. Romans didn’t search for external ingredients for toothpaste and used a concoction made out of their urine to get fresh and sparkling teeth. During medieval times barbers were assigned with the additional duty of dentistry. They used to file and coat the teeth in white colour. These techniques used by barbers did more harm to the teeth as they lead to loss of enamel and subsequent decay.


The field of cosmetic dentistry witnessed a revolution in the 1700s by using porcelain for dentures. Later in the twentieth century, plastics and acrylics were introduced as more economical replacements for porcelain. In the late twentieth century, cosmetic dentistry became more advanced and economical. Today this field offers a broad spectrum of services like teeth whitening, composite fillings, dental veneers, dental implants, reshaping, bridging, gum lifts, straightening, and bite reclamation.


Cosmetic Dentists in Brisbane and other Australian cities are forecast to witness a boost in demand for esthetic procedures given the rise in population and the rise in disposable income. Cosmetic dentistry is well sought after by the Australian people as it enhances the appearance and offers better oral health and younger looks. There are some widespread myths about cosmetic dentistry that make people hesitate before deciding to get it done. One of the popular myths about aesthetic dentistry is that it can only provide an artificial cookie-cutter smile. But it is always important to understand that cosmetic dental professionals help people who are less confident about their natural appearance. It is also widely believed that cosmetic dentistry is a branch for the wealthy and can cost a fortune. This field’s advancements present several economic and affordable options for the patients. Another most common misconception that leads people into hesitation is that their smile problems are unfixable. But cosmetic dentistry offers a wide array of solutions for most of the appearance-based concerns about teeth.



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