Corporate Video Production- Tips and Tricks to help save Time


Video production in this modern era is an essential element of an effective marketing strategy. Video content is meant to engage a large number of people. They are compelling and can deliver a message well to the audience.

A business needs a corporate video production strategy to reach the soul of people. It not only helps to spread a message but also increases the traceability of a business. If a business wants to succeed in the market, it should have a video production strategy. So, get in touch with a company involved in corporate video production in Delhi to develop an effective strategy.

Have you been to a shoot that kept dragging on and on? Reshoot and mistakes in a video can spoil the whole message if you are not careful. Even the estimated time to create a video can be a discouragement. So, what tricks or tips can help you save time on video production? Well here’s the answer to it-

  •           Scout carefully

In case the shooting location is unexpectedly noisy, or the lighting is terrible, or it’s just not the right place for you to shoot, it can completely ruin the entire day of shooting. Before you finalize the shooting location, visit the site beforehand and do a full walkthrough of the space so that you get no surprises on the day of the shoot.

Also, you can take some practice shots there to ensure there are no background hums. Don’t forget to check for the weather conditions and lighting sources to ensure you have a great shooting day.

  •           Shoot B-Roll

In addition to the primary camera, you should try to set up a second camera angle known as B-Roll. The footage from these angles will cover the video parts that the primary camera didn’t get or has mixed up. These shots can be used to streamline the editing process, which allows you to hide a cut by switching angles.

  •           Separately record audio

Other than the built-in option on the camera, microphones and recording devices should record everything at various locations offshoot with more optimal acoustic and soundproofing. Recording audio at different areas of the shoot will allow you to avoid common issues in post-production like background noises. This trick works well for videos with voice overs.

If you want to hide the background sound of the video, you can add some music in the background.

  •           Record extra 20 seconds

The best trick used by the video production house in Delhi is to start recording before the action begins and continue rolling for an additional 20 to 30 seconds after the scene is over. It will ensure that you have enough footage to trim and use different transitions between the scenes.

  •           Come up with the script

Writing a video script beforehand will help you plan the shots you need, the props you want, the costumes, and ensure that there is no critical moment left out of the shoot accidentally.

  •           Storyboard your shots

The time it takes to storyboards, your video will pay allowance as it allows you to plan the shots in a non-sequential order. It is advisable to label each shot you need to get according to the camera angle, lighting setup, or location you want to use.

Make separate groups based on the shoot’s factors to ensure you get the desired shots you need when everything is ready. It will help avoid time wastage in re-creating the setting, changing camera angles, and travelling back to the location, waiting for a specific time of the day to take a particular shot.

  •           Make use of stock footage for stills

Sometimes doing things the harder way is worth it while the other times, you need some extra sleep to stay energetic. You need not get every shot yourself. You can find many stock footages that are either free or relatively inexpensive on various online platforms. So, instead of wasting time shooting, use the footage available online.

Video marketing in recent years has emerged as a trend on the internet. Various business firms are using videos to maximize their reach and to advertise themselves uniquely across the web. When appropriately used, videos can help businesses to connect with people by delivering their message effectively. All you need to do is hire a famous company involved in corporate video production in Delhi to look after your video production needs.

In Summary

For compelling modern-day business marketing, video production is the need of the hour. Viral video production is vital for business firms, but it is equally important to understand the strategies and process of video production before you hire a video production house.

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