Benefits of using effective container tracking website for your export business


The use of the latest technologies and progressive chains in a trade business leads to productive outputs. You can bring a welcoming change to your business by using online freight bookings, agreements, billings and container tracking.

Yes, online shipping container tracking websites are for real and serve numerous benefits to exporters as well as importers across the world. It is not just about getting to know the location of your cargo using a tracking device. The passive benefits and perks of relying upon an efficient vessel tracking website go beyond that constraint.

Container tracking services have become popular in different parts of the world. Traders and shippers have been able to bring transparency to the shipping process. The role of a reliable website is to help you track your cargo and update its feed throughout the journey.

Here, you can choose the website of your container service provider or the website of a neutral shipping service provider. In most cases, the latter has proven to be more productive. There is less traffic on such websites, and they accept the tracking request of all kinds of containers on one portal. Cogoport is one such website wherein you get the fastest access and real-time data in a few minutes.

Container tracking services help us locate our cargo while it is onboard.

Container Tracking Website: Perks We Reap From The Service

You can track your cargo using a reliable website and gain the benefits of what it follows. For utilising the service the most, you need to verify your source of information. A leading website uses the best technology, satellite coverage and feeding applications to help you follow the progress. Here are the benefits you can reap by choosing the most effective site.

Feeds Live Location of The Cargo

The best website will feed real-time updates and the live location of the cargo on the tracking system configured with it. The accuracy is as good as 90-95% unless you have a poor internet connection. Yes, following a live location requires a high-speed internet connection and a device that can pull this fast stream of data. Get the shipping status of your cargo anytime you want!

Enhances The Quality of Export Services

Delays in sea freight shipments are inevitable as a lot of factors affect this process. Although you do not have any control over these circumstances, your importers would expect constant notifications about the status of the cargo. You can keep them informed by using the best container tracking website. If needed, you can share the tracking ID with them for increased clarity.

Helps Keep Importers Posted About Delivery Status

Most freight shipments are likely to take 10-12 days in the maritime shipping process. Anxiousness and impatience undoubtedly become a factor here. You can eliminate that by keeping track of your cargo in the sea. Your importers will also have the advantage of preparing for import customs clearance as per the schedule.

Reduces Loss/Theft Incidents

Traditionally, traders used to face losses or damage or theft of their cargo in the shipping process. A cargo passes numerous hands in the entire shipping journey, and it is kind of impracticable to control its safety with no surveillance. However, the tracking facility has brought a change in these incidents.

Improves Shipment Planning Process

If you handle multiple shipping projects at a time, you need to know when your first cargo is reaching the port of shipment. Also, not having to worry about an onboard cargo helps in planning the next shipment freely. You and your team can focus your attention on one consignment at a time.

Lightens Market Pressure

The absence of container tracking facilities created a lot of pressure on exporters. They had to be answerable to importers and bear the risk and cost of loss/theft of the cargo. You can dodge these issues by following the location of your cargo through a trusted website.

Facilitates Earning Business Goodwill

If we consider the point of view of importers, they would always prefer a reliable exporter who delivers accurate whereabouts of their freight over the ones who fail to do so. You can be a reliable exporter for them and earn business goodwill without having to worry about the competition.

Offers No-Glitch Service

Lastly, choosing the best and most efficient website will ensure glitch-free services. You need to collect reliable data about the cargo and not any rough estimation. A few websites only have these real-time data update settings that you can use to the fullest.

All these benefits are worth giving a try to container tracking websites like Cogorport that use the best technology in their system. All you have to do is visit the website, enter the required details and follow the instructions to track your cargo. You can use the data to convey accurate information to your clients and build a reliable relationship with them. There is no better output than an informed buyer!




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