How Multi-Tenant Contact Centre Software Increases the Productivity of Businesses


Multi-tenant contact center software consists of an architecture where a single application can serve multiple customers in a single instance. Every individual customer referred to in this architecture is known as a tenant.

Tenants might be given the liberty to customize some application areas like the business rule or the UI color. However, they cannot customize the application’s code.

In multi-tenant architecture, multiple instances of a single application operate in a shared environment. Such architecture can work as each tenant is physically integrated but is logically separated. It clearly states that the single tenant initially runs on a single software and then serves multiple tenants.

What is Multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy is an architecture found in private and public cloud environments that is most effective for contact center software. It allows each tenant data to be separated from each other.

Multi-tenancy is essential for the scalability of private and public clouds. It also helps in offering a better Return on Investment (ROI) for the organization.

Features of Multi-tenant Call center

There are numerous features offered by Multi-tenant call center solutions. Some of the critical features of Multi-tenant call center software include:

  •       It allows organizing as well as establishing trunks according to the tenant’s needs.
  •       It can work on an only single hardware.
  •       The pre-define extension range helps the agents avoid numerous conflicts.
  •       Roles and privilege to control access to reports and screens.
  •       It can be integrated well with CRM systems.
  •       An open-source call center solution consists of separate leads, lists, and campaigns per tenant.
  •       The Call management system can be scaled perfectly based on growth.

Benefits of choosing a Multi-tenant Call center software solution

If a call center chooses to enlarge its working using a VoIP calling solution, it is a practical choice to opt for a multi-tenant call center software. It is because of several user features under one roof.

Certainly, it is a cheap and more affordable call center software. It helps a lot of call centers to save a lot on their telephonic expenses. The most crucial and beneficial part of having a VoIP solution is that it offers a high-quality call solution. It helps in meeting the requirements of customers and serving them in all the ways possible.

These are some of the reasons why call centers are always looking for the best contact center software comprising multi-tenant features.

Apart from this few essential benefit of multi-tenant contact center solution includes:

  •       Improved Reporting Features

Some of the key benefits include the enhanced reporting feature for management. It provides business managers with all the required details to assist them to have a specific decision.

A few of the reporting features under this shell are revenue per call, upsell rates, case categories, etc.

  •       Enhanced Customer service center software management

When a customer faces some issues related to service or the product, the call center will be the foremost place that they will spot upon. It will help them turn for professional assistance. Whenever a customer calls you up, they expect call center executives to handle the situation as effectively as possible.

  •       Enhanced productivity and efficiency

A call center software helps in enabling telephonic calls and boosting overall productivity. The whole process turns out to be well effective. When agents get access to the software, they can handle both the inbound as well as outbound calls in an effective manner.

  •       Increased communication and responsibility

As the software is centralized, the call center gives the company’s employees access to share a database across the organization about a particular customer through updates.

For example, A salesperson can effectively share information related to a customer’s sales to other sales team members in the team.

Additionally, call center software offers excellent accountability. Each employee truly understands their responsibility related to a different department.

  •       Better sales

With accountability, effectiveness, and responsibility among employees, the best sales figures can be attained. Contact center software assists in better sales.

Final words

Multi-tenant contact center software is the ultimate solution for fulfilling all organizational needs. Businesses should implement contact center software to offer the experience to customers and enhance productivity.



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