How Contact Center Software can alter the Operations of Manufacturing Companies?


For manufacturing industries, customer satisfaction is considered largely as a combination of order fulfillment and effective order management. Manufacturing companies can provide value to their customers by catering to customized order requirements, offering flexibility in handling orders, and meeting delivery timelines. Capitalizing on the large potential source to upgrade revenue and providing optimal customer service is also important for manufacturing companies. Additionally, with multiple orders and delivery channels, and continuous ramping up complexity of supply chains, smooth communication between vendors, suppliers, and channel partners are of utmost importance. Contact center software assists in streamlining the communication between all players in the manufacturing industry.

What is the contact center software?

Technology has come a long way, and it has completely changed the way we work or communicate. Although with the advancement, there exists a large no. of queries. However, people always expect a quick resolution to their issues or query. This expectation even enhances a lot when it comes to FMCG or fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing industries are assisted by contact center software in streamlining the industry and managing distribution channels. Call center software supports manufacturing businesses in consolidating various communication channels like SMS, Live Chat, Email, Social Media, and phone.

Call center software is of two types:-

  •       Cloud-based call center software
  •       On-premise call center software

Ideal features of contact center software

Contact center software consists of several features. Some of the important features of contact center software include:

  •       Skill-based routing: Contact center software comes with skill-based routing and helps in directing the call to the most appropriate agent who inherits the particular skill to resolve the query of a customer in a single go.
  •       Interactive voice response or IVR: IVR divides the incoming call based on different parameters and then transfers the call to the most suitable agent. Manufacturing companies can offer better customer service with the help of IVR provided by call centers.
  •       Call tracking and monitoring: Contact center keeps an eye on the call records, i.e., whether they are answered or not, and the time taken to answer the call. The crucial benefit is that it tracks the business calls 24*7 and assists in offering better customer satisfaction.
  •       Analytical report: This is another essential feature of call-center software. Moreover, it proves beneficial for manufacturing industries too.  Contact center software prepares a report highlighting missed and received calls, on-peak hours, traffic generating from various regions, new and returning calls, and other insights.

Benefits of Contact center softwares for the manufacturing industry

Contact center software is assisting all sectors in providing better customer support. It is also assisting manufacturing companies in several ways, including:

Employees Attendance Hotlines

Contact center software helps to keep records of SMS and Email notifications, employee attendance tracking, employee punch in and out times, employees’ unplanned leaves, and staffing arrangements. The hotline services use ERP principles to personnel management.

Industrial Call support

It provides agents with highly integrated phone support and technology to answer inbound queries. Some of the operations include live call answering, deploying large no. of resources, etc. It offers a systematic and hierarchical based approach for deploying call center services and streamlining the workflow of manufacturing industries.

Facilities and monitoring of manufacturing plant

Contact center softwares creates automatic notifications and alerts to monitor your manufacturing facility easily. It can be customized as per your manufacturing plant’s requirements. It also enables interdepartmental communications and notifications.

Effective relationship management with customers and vendors

Contact center software assists to cover up major problems of the manufacturing industry by assisting in maintaining proper relationships with vendors and customers. It offers various modern amenities including CRM systems, virtual assistant, ticket logging systems to effectively handle customer and vendor queries. It assists in handling high call volumes with satisfactory query solutions.

Emergency and disaster response

It also offers emergency management and security protocols that are designed to handle the emergency taking place in manufacturing units. The disaster response is completely based upon the data security model, which ensures that the company’s information is encrypted and secured.

Final words

The main motive of the contact center is to provide a single point of customer service experience. Every conversation or point of interaction between a company and the customer is specific. It even has the power to make or break the trust factor or the relationship that exists between the two.

A customer might feel the best-in-class purchase experience but may suffer from the after-sale service. Having the appropriate customer support software will help to create a smooth journey of the customer from start to end and offer him satisfactory post-sales service.

Manufacturing industries interested in implementing contact center software can contact HoduSoft for customized call center software as per their requirements.



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