Consult New Zealand Property Buyers To Find The Best Commercial Rental Properties


On 23rd June 2020, I was retired from the Education Review Office. Although I have my own house in Auckland yet I want to buy a multi-family property to generate passive income. I want to explorethe world with my beloved wife. My son is the key to my happiness. I want to secure his future, that’s why I took this decision.


I was nervous and excited at the same time. One of my colleagues referred me to one of the best property consultants in Auckland ‘New Zealand Property Buyers’’. My wife dialed the number and I called them in the evening. The proactive team members noted down my details and fixed an appointment with their consultant.


Being jammed in the heavy traffic, we got late for 25 minutes. I feel embarrassed about arriving late there because the property consultant was on time. Now come to the point. I explained to him everything. I made him clear to find the best apartment that can generate revenue over time. The experienced property consultant noted each point and asked me to wait till the next meeting.


New Zealand Property Buyers prepared a portfolio based on detailed market analysis. As they have experience in dealing with commercial real estate property in Auckland, they informed me about all possible risk factors. In my opinion, the most striking characteristic of an expert property consultant is that he can assist you in finding the best property by keeping in view your budget.


We started with short listing the available commercial rental properties. It was a tiring step. Selecting a property and visiting it for inspection consumed a lot of time. My property consultant stood by me during the entire process. New Zealand property buyer’s agentsharply inspected the infrastructure and surroundings of the apartments.


After the struggle of a month, I finally decided to invest in a property. Although it was a complicated procedure yet my property consultant managed everything. They have a network of expert brokers, mortgage officers, bankers, property strategists, and lawyers who assisted me professionally. New Zealand property buyer’s agent guided me at every step to lock the deal at the lowest possible rates.


Their legal lawyer prepared documents on my behalf and verified as well. For the sake of my satisfaction, I duly checked those documents by one of my friends who is a lawyer. On the day of negotiation, my property consultant sealed the deal at the lowest possible price by using his expert negotiation skills. No delays and no scams! Everythingwas managed on a fixed date.


The contract was signed by both parties and I got my commercial rental apartments. Moreover, my property consultant helped me to deal with post-deal issues. He gave me some tips to deal with tenants, management issues, renovation, and tax management. I am super excited becausewe are going to see our son ‘’Liam’’. I have no worries because the rental amount will be automatically transferred into my bank account. Thanks to the team New Zealand Property Buyers.


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