Considerations To Know About social listening tools


Four reasons agencies should engage insocial listening

2020isan era of radical change.Increasingly, the brandsweall know and loveare beingcalled uponto play a biggerpart in shaping the worldthat welive in.

Like never before,agenciesrequire a better methodto listen.Inourmost recent report on industry trends,agencies that make use of social listeningwill help their clients to creategreater value, comprehendtheirmarket, and deliverbetterwork.Conversely, those who choosetoleave out social listeningareforced to rely on thefamiliar heuristics and instinctsonly.

Are you stillnot convinced?Here are four reasons youragencyshould invest in social listeningtoday.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Intoday’s world of constant connectivity, brands need tobesensitive to their customers’ desires, goals,and opinions.

Thebiggest topic of discussioninthe digital marketing agency hk report wasthe relationshipbetweenbrands and consumer insight.Consumers speak up about the challengesagencieshave to overcome and are becomingmoreactive than ever before.

Conversation Clustersisan easy-to-use datavisualization toolthat lets youquickly discover, comprehend,andvisualize the context aroundany topic with aglance.

HTML0Equipped with social mediadata, agencies can helptheirclients to developgreater, more meaningful relationshipswith their clients.

Social listeninghelps agencies findthe data that will givethem anedge.This could be asolution toan under-researched segment or a fresh perspectivefor a product in support ofa creative pitch.

For one agency it was a smartresponse to the lockdown phenomenon.By tapping into the massivepopularity of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneof the most powerfulcollaborations oftheyear.for five weeks, game playerswere abletrade their turnips,one ofthe game’s most valuable assets- into real food donations(asum of $20,000 worth).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.

2.A bettermeasurement

Until the advent ofsocial media, the majority of advertisingand communication agencies relied onlow-level metrics like salesto assess the efficacyin their advertising campaigns.While there’s nothing inherentlywrong with this,they can be a bitofan imperfect instrument.

In the present, agencies requiremore sensitive methods to modelandrecord the valuetheybring totheir clients.Monitoring social media carefullyprovides your agency with morecontrolof client campaigns,which can be analyzed in real-time from multipleinteraction points.This also allows you to categorize stratify, prioritize, and selectchannels thatgive you themost useful information required.

For a start, forinstance, you can getan overviewof the effect of acampaign or hashtagorother talk piece withan engagementmetric likepotential reach.From there, you canexplore further.The ability to narrow into valuable data streamscollected fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusmany otheroffline sources)gives you a thoroughanalysis of how your customers feelabout your business and the creative.

It is possible to find outthe individuals who are expressing what opinions and -particularly – howtheyperceive your customers,by using a method likesentiment analysis, isan excellentway to demonstrate how effective the processoffeedback through social listeningcan aid agencies in staying proactive.The report we conducted on the industry showedan unambiguous correlation betweenpositive sentiment for an adcampaign, such as Nike’s ‘You Can’tStop Us’ commercial -as well as the feelings of the agencywho created it, forinstance(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticscan help you seeconnections between subjects, providingyou an impressive visual waytorepresent important relationships.

3. Crisis management

Consumers are louderthanthey ever have been.Furthermore, their voiceis heard all over the world,inreal time.

You would expect thatthe management of crises is a majorpart of social listening.Agents who spot problems astheydo arise will have an edgeover theircompetition.Additionally, they will be able todefend their clients better.

An effective strategy of social listeningaids organizations in aspectrum of crises management situations.The complaints of defective products can becomereal-time conversations to address issues collect information, identify issues, andaddress negative opinions.In the wake of a sudden change in opinion, thingsare now manageable.Feedback on poorly-received creative becomesan instrument to modifyor, inserious cases choose a different path.

In the end social listening letsagenciesbecome guardians for thebrands theyworkwith. Itinforms clientsof any issues they maymiss and provide thedata needed to developan appropriate and well-informedaction, in a group.

4. Competitive intelligence

The report on the industry of agencies exploredthemarket’s challengesin 2020.With the spread of the pandemic putting globaleconomies intochaos, agencies arefinding new ways to innovateandthrive. Competitive intelligence isamongthe ways. Inthe simplest sense, social listening tools lets youget into the most importantconversationspeople don’t talk aboutyou.

Yourcompetitors havetheir own methods and strategiesto be successful.Likeyou, they’veinvestedtime and money in developing them.With social listening, agenciesare able to participate in critical discussionsabout how and whyother brands perform:

  • What’s the cause of the viralityof aparticularcampaign?

  • How can brands usespecific media in order to makethemostimpact?

  • How do you compare yourselfto the competition?

With an effectivesocial listeningsystem that is able to gather competitive intelligence, it can beeffortlessly integrated into your go to marketstrategy. Without it, your companyis forced to take actionin a vacuum, lacking the essential informationto navigate a constantly changingworld.And ifDarwingave us any lessons, it’s that only thosespecies that can adaptthrive.


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