Complete Guide to Learning Experience Platforms: What You Need To Know


Complete Guide to Learning Experience Platforms

Did you know that the first learning experience platform was developed in 1924? How companies are using learning experience platforms is truly changing the way that education and professional development occurs.

Keep reading to learn the difference between some popular learning systems and their benefits.

Difference Between LXP and LMS

When you are looking at LMS vs LXP there are a few things that set them apart even though they both contain learning content and both platforms enable learning. LMS can be compared to a TV because it broadcasts pre-programmed shows. With an LMS the courses are determined by the station and you have to follow their lead when taking the courses.

LXP is comparable to Netflix. It is a large platform that has lots of choices and options where the user gets to decide what they want to learn. An LXP has an algorithm that gives it the ability to learn what its users like and will offer content based on the learner’s preferences.


Understanding the advantages and benefits of learning management systems will make it easier to decide whether or not these systems can be a quality addition to your learning system.

Content in One Place

You are able to store all of your content in one place with a learning management system which will reduce the risk of you losing any important data and on top of it this will make organizing your data much easier. Every team member will have access to information, data, and anything else that is in the cloud storage system.

Lower Costs

Another benefit is that the costs of training and education are reduced thanks to learning management systems. These systems provide a lot of mobility to attend lectures because the presence of learners and teachers can be bypassed at the same time.

Another cost that is reduced is paper and textbook expenses. Digital portfolios and cloud applications replace traditional paper curriculum.


With a learning management system, you have the ability to track the progress of the course material and you can track whether a learner is understanding the material or not. This will give you the ability to see if you have to make any changes or enhance the material being presented with video files, different text, or change up the audio.

Scientific Material Access

After you upload any scientific material on the learning system, your user will be able to see it whenever they please. Students will be able to access the courses from anywhere and in a timely manner as long as they have a smart device that can connect to the internet.

Feeling Like a Pro With Learning Experience Platforms?

Now that you know more about learning experience platforms you can make an informed decision on which platform you feel is best for your own company.

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