Complete guide on Alaska airlines Group Travel and Booking


If you have a group and you enjoying together and planning to travel together then why not choose Alaska Airlines for the group which gives you discounts and many more benefits. There are some kinds of goodness in traveling together, we enjoy a social life and most of us like to enjoy traveling. Living a life which means to be enjoyed and comfortable. It is an eternal truth that people love to be gathered.

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Whether you are planning to travel for a destination wedding or any party, kitty party or whatever be the reason. You can always enjoy your group with Alaska Airlines. For the introduction, Alaska Airline is headquartered in Washington. It is the fifth-largest airline by fleet size. Contact now Alaska airlines Reservations number.

As it is one of the largest airlines from the fleet size, it is offering mainly three different options, depending on the group’s needs.

If you all are traveling together- for the groups of ten or more traveling on the same dates and flights, they offer discounted tickets if you contact their group desk. Some of the benefits which you are getting are as follow:

You do not need deposits.

You will get a base fare guaranteed with a special fare agreement.

You can change the name an unlimited number of times, before three days of departure.

You will get advance seat assignments.

There will be no minimum stay requirements.

If you are chartering a flight- it is suitable for large groups, if you are planning for the large groups and want a customized schedule, menus, specific plans, and the destinations within Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Some of the benefits you are getting are as follow:

You will be getting the entire aircraft to yourself.

You have your own travel schedule.

You can choose a standard terminal or a private airport.

You will have a price which is completely adjusted according to your need.


If you are all traveling separately- if your group is of twenty or larger and you all are traveling from the different destinations then you can contact the group desk of Alaska airlines and they will let you know a coupon code which will provide you and the people in your group a minimum booking fare at the time of booking. Some of the benefits you are getting are as follow:

You are all getting a discount while booking.

You will get an extended travel window which allows traveling up to three days before and three days after your planned event.

You will have the flexibility to choose the flight times as per your personal requirements.

You will get Alaska Airlines web check-in facility that will help you to skip the queue during flight check-in and boarding.

As we have discussed the different scenarios and the benefits of those if you are traveling somewhere in the group. It is a good idea to travel in a group and get these benefits so if you are going somewhere to attend a party or a wedding then why wait, book your group ticket on Alaska Airlines official site.


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