Commonly Asked Questions About Men’s Toupee


Men’s toupees are of various types depending upon the style, texture color and material. One has to find the best toupee manufacturing company to get good quality hairpieces. 

Before you start your search on men’s toupees, here are some of the commonly asked questions to learn.

What is A Mesh-fabric Toupee?

A mesh fabric toupee is the type of base that is made of polyester or nylon. The mesh base is crafted in such a way that provides a very fine hairline and gives a seamless finish. The end product becomes natural and life-like. Mesh-based toupees are a little pricey.

What is A Polymer-Based Toupee?

For men’s toupee, the polymer is another highly preferred base that is mostly made of silicone. This type of base provides a skin-like finish and appears like your scalp. 

If you are looking for a durable hairpiece, a polymer-based toupee is the best choice. It is ideal for long-time wear.

Which Toupee Attachment Is Best: Permanent, Semi-permanent Or Temporary?

The attachment type depends on the requirement of an individual. If you need something that will stay for a long time without the need to remove it frequently, permanent toupees are great. But the major problem with a permanent toupee is that they can hinder the natural growth of your hair. Always talk to a hair specialist before you plan for a permanent toupee.

A Semi-permanent toupee needs the assistance of a hair expert to remove it. The adhesives used to attach this kind of toupees cannot be removed otherwise.

A temporary toupee is a fine option for those who want flexibility with their toupee in terms of removing it as and when they wish. 

Will My Toupee Fly Off?

No, if your toupee is a permanent or a semi-permanent one. In case of a temporary toupee, you have to be very careful about using a good quality adhesive so that the toupee stays attached properly.

 Will People Notice My Toupee?

People will only notice your toupee if your hairpiece is of poor quality. A good quality product will look and feel natural and no one can easily distinguish it from your natural hair. So make sure you buy the finest quality toupee.

How Often Do I Need To Change My Toupee In A Year?

This depends on your hair type and the type of toupee attachment you choose. But you should know that the more natural-looking toupees have a shorter lifespan. 

So if you choose a human hair toupee with a skin-like base, it may not last you like a synthetic one. 

Again, the lifespan of a toupee depends on how you take care of it. 

What Are The Benefits Of Synthetic Toupees?

Synthetic toupee star durable, need very low maintenance and are affordable. It is easier to keep the air style you wish with synthetic toupees. 

What Are The Benefits Of Human Hair Toupee?

The best part of human hair toupee is that they look natural, feel comfortable and can be matched with your natural hair texture and colour. You can even sleep with human hair toupee on without any discomfort.

So keep these questions in mind and get the perfect toupee for you.


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