Common questions about Manik (Ruby) Stone

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According to astrology, numerous gemstones can benefit us based on their properties and compatibilities. These gemstones are ruled by different planets, which directly affect the properties of these gemstones. Many people may wear different types of gems, but the astrologers determine which gem may be best suited for you based on the placement of planets. Gems are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Many people wear these gems as aesthetics, while, some wear them based on their beliefs in astrology. If you are also a strong believer in astrology, then you should try wearing gemstones to get the best effects of planets on your life. Manik stone prices can vary from seller to seller, but one should prefer the quality over price because some sellers sell fake gems.

To confirm the quality of the gemstones, look at the color, texture, and cut of the gemstone. This varies for every gemstone, but in the case of ruby, the color can help a lot. Make sure that the gem you are buying is pigeon blood red, which is bright red. The texture should be smooth and flawless, and the cut should be sharp. All these features of the gemstone can help you to determine the quality of the gemstone, but the most important thing is to check for certification. Some sellers provide government certified gems, and these gems have the best quality because they are certified by the government. The certification also confirms the legitimacy of the gems as the certified gemstones are real.

Here are the answers to some common questions about Manik stones, which can help to better understand:

  • Where to wear the stone? it is recommended that the stone must be worn on the ring finger to get the most benefits from it. It is believed that the Mount of the sun is located right below the ring finger, also called Anamika.
  • Who should not wear the stone? it is not compulsory, but it is recommended that the people with Aquarius zodiac sign should not wear the Manik stone, though, with the advice of an astrologer, an Aquarius can also wear the ruby stone during certain times.
  • Which metal is good to wear? ruby stone can be worn in a gold accessory to get the best benefit. The stone can also be worn with the alloy or 5 metals (Panchdhatu) or alloy of 8 metals (Ashtadhatu).
  • When to start wearing the stone? It is recommended that Sunday is the best day to start wearing the stone. You may wear the stone anywhere from 6 to 7 in the morning.
  • What are the common advantages of wearing Manik gem: Manik gem may be very beneficial as it may provide the wearer with excellent wealth and respect in society. This gemstone is perfect for the people who work close to higher authorities.

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