Common iPad Issues & Simple Troubleshooting Hacks


Over the course of time, Apple has impregnated the technology world. Well, it’s pretty evident by the fact that everyone is using the MacBook for laptops, iPhones for smartphones, and iPad for tablets. When it comes down to the iPads, they are designed to meet the advanced demands of the users. But again, it’s obvious that iPads are sensitive. 

This is to say because iPads get damaged with small drops and thuds. However, you don’t need to rush to the Apple iPhone repair shop in a jiffy. We are saying this because some issues are commonly prevalent in iPads. So, in this article, we have added common iPads problems and simple fixes. So, have a look!

Irresponsive Screens 

If you’ve been using the same iPad for a long time, it will develop the irresponsive screen issue which means you press and touch the screen but nothing actually happens. If you are struggling with a similar issue, make sure the screen is cleaned. If the screen cleaning is not the issue, just press the hold and sleep/wake button for ten seconds to get the screen up and running! 

Damaged Screen 

When it comes down to the iPad, everyone makes sure to take care of the iPad screen but multiple issues can lead to the damaged screen. For instance, there are chances that you accidentally dropped the iPad. In this case, it is suggested that you find the right iPad repair service and shop to make sure they replace the screen perfectly. The screen replacement is not time-consuming but it’s delicate, so be vigilant with screen replacement services.

Charging Problems 

If you want to keep using the iPad without hindering the performance and functionality, make sure that it’s been properly charged. However, if the iPad is not charging properly, make sure that you check the charger and charging cable. In some cases, the charging port is damaged. So, it’s suggested that you clean the charging port with a cotton swab to start charging the iPad again. 

Sudden Crashes

The sudden and unexpected crashes are pretty common for laptops, but iPads are no different either. With this being said, if your iPads tend to crash suddenly, press the sleep/wake button before you switch on the iPads by switching on the power button. In addition, make sure that all the apps are updated. However, if the issue persists, you need to take it to the Apple repair shop. 

Force Restart

For the people who have been struggling with a frozen iPad, you need to conduct force restarting. Some people may call it hard reset because it breaks off the power cycle of the iPad. Usually, the force restart fixes the issue, but it mustn’t be done regularly. For the force restart, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press and hold power and home button for five to ten seconds
  • The iPad screen will go black 
  • It will be restarted again, and the Apple logo will appear 

The force restart tends to fix the irresponsive or frozen screen. However, if the screen gets stuck regularly, get it checked by a professional technician!


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