Cnc Machining And Its Type


CNC machining is an industrial revolution. Higher precision and increased productivity of CNC machining has created a ripple all over the manufacturing industries. Snags experienced with manual influence in manufacturing industries are overcame lately with the emergence of cnc machining. Extensive range of manufacturers are making use of it as it increases precision and paves a way to add more details to it. Small error that causes butter effect in action are eradicated these days. After scrutinizing the potential of CNC machining, manufacturers all over the globe are lured in and starts to employ it. Explore this article to know more about the CNC machining.

What is CNC machining?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and it is used to control machines tools through computer programs. A whole set of computer programs are written to command the machine tools in the manufacturing industry and high caliber results are pulled out from the plant. The programming language sourced to command CNC machining are called G-Code.

Some of the things controlled by CNC machining tools are listed as follows.

  • It controls the turning speed of spindle
  • It controls moving speed of the cutter
  • Navigate the cutter move in each axis
  • It decides when to turn the coolant on or off

Types of CNC machines exist:

Numerous types of CNC machines do exist and they are explained below.

  • Milling machines

In million machine, cutter is positioned in the spindle where it takes tums. When the work piece starts to move past the cutter, it starts to slice off the chips. This exercise of cutting a work piece in a mill is called milling.

  • CNC lathes

In a broader view, lathes are sort of universal CNC machine since it can create all parts desired for another lathe. In CNC lathe, work piece is spindled by lathe and a fixed cutting tool engage the work piece to slice chips off from it.

  • CNC Router

CNC router is a type of CNC Mill. It is generally sourced to cut wood and also works in other materials. It is not usually capable of adding precision like CNC Mill.

  • Plasma Cutter, Laser and Water jets

Other major types of CNC machining includes plasma cutter, laser and water jets are sourced to cut flat sheet materials.

Hire a CNC machining service provider:

If you are owning a small scale industry or wondering you cannot afford implanting CNC machining on your manufacturing unit, then you can consider hiring CNC machining service. Numerous firms are available and outsourcing it increases the precision, cut down the cost as well as ambush you to reach golden standards.

With the advent of technology, you can hire the firms over online. Start your research and stick to the well suited option. Never forget to examine testimonials of their customers to understand the caliber of service they render. When online reviews satisfies you, hire them and procure all the benefits encompassed employing CNC machining on your manufacturing unit.


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