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Christina Asmus (real name – Myasnikova; Asmus is the name of her maternal grandfather, who has German roots) was born on April 14, 1988 in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region. Father – Igor LvovichMyasnikov, graduated from the Bauman Institute, worked as an engineer at the Rocket Center in Korolev, then went into business. Mom – RadaViktorovnaMyasnikova. There are three more sisters.

As a child, the future actress was engaged in artistic gymnastics, becoming a candidate for master of sports. As a schoolgirl, Kristina played the role of ZhenyaKomelkova in E. Makhonina’s play “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …” at the MEL Theater with Asmongold Girlfriend.

After leaving school, the future star entered the Moscow Art Theater School on the course to Konstantin Raikin, but six months later she was expelled. For two and a half years, the girl gained experience: she worked in Korolev in the regional Youth Theater and in the Moscow “Theater of Good Tale” (performances “Portrait of Mademoiselle Tarzhi” and “Sylvia”), and then Christina entered the Shchepkin Higher Theater School on a course with Boris Klyuev, which she graduated in 2012.

In her sophomore year, Kristina Asmus began acting as Vary Chernous in the comedy series Interns (2010), which brought her great fame. Filming in “Interns” was credited to her at the theater school as a pre-graduation practice.

She also starred in such acclaimed films as “Christmas Tree” (2010), “Zolushka” (2012), “What’s going on man” (2013), The Stand (2013), “Easy on sight” (2014) and others.

In In 2012, immediately after graduating from college, Christina was admitted to the troupe of the Yermolova Theater, where she had already started rehearsals in the play “Pagans” by director YevgenyKamenkovich.

Christina voiced the characters in the cartoons: “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf” (Squirrel, 2011), “Log Horizon season 3” (Tooth Fairy, 2012) and “Oz: Return to the Emerald City” (Glinda,

The artist participated in television projects: “Eat and Lose Weight!” (2010), “Charging with the Stars” (2011), “The Incredible Truth About the Stars” (2011), “Sunday with Quarter 95” (2011), “Cruel Intentions” (2012), “Unreal Story” (2013), “Evening Urgant” (2014),
“Ice Age” (2014), etc.

In 2013, Christina Asmus married the famous showman GarikKharlamov. On January 5, 2014, the star couple had a daughter, Nastya.

Christina Asmus: “I love my husband unreal !!! I don’t see a single flaw in it! The most beautiful, sexiest, strongest, kind, intelligent, courageous, talented, responsible, very-very! I think I am fantastically lucky !!! ”.
The quote is taken from the site “Black Bullet Season 2

In 2015, Christina Asmus played GalyaChetvertak in the war drama directed by RenatDavletyarov “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …”.

In June 2020, Kristina Asmus and GarikKharmalamov announced a divorce. According to the actress, they were going to the decision on divorce for a long time. The star admitted that the main obstacle to a happy marriage was the unwillingness of both to work on the relationship.

“This decision is not spontaneous. It was thought over a long time ago and was formulated almost a year ago. Before it became mainstream. We part without filth, with great respect for each other. And now I am overwhelmed with gratitude and great human love ”- said Christina.

A family

Spouse – GarikKharlamov, showman, actor (married in 2013, announced the divorce on June 22, 2020)
Daughter – Nastya (01/05/2014), from GarikKharlamov


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