CCNP Service Provider Certification: Guide To Success


The CCNP Service Provider Certification attests to technical capabilities that allow you to configure, solve problems and optimize the IP network infrastructures of next-generation service providers. Achieving this certification requires a thorough understanding of service provider technologies, including core architecture, services, networking, automation, service quality, security, and network assurance.

The CCNP Service Provider now includes automation and programmability elements for maximum scalability of modern service provider infrastructures. One of the most authoritative certifications in the industry, the New CCNP Service Provider, validates fundamental knowledge through the “Core” exam, giving you the flexibility to choose an area of ​​interest with one of the “Concentrated” exams of your choice. Each exam of the CCNP Service Provider program allows you to obtain a specialized individual certification, in order to have the recognition for the results achieved along the way.


Every day we see an ever-greater interconnection between Software and Networking. New applications and new business models are enabled. Intercepting rapid change by providing advanced services has become imperative for every service provider. To take advantage of this opportunity, professionals in these contexts need a wider range of skills and verticalization in strategic technological areas. The new CCNP Service Provider certification program was created to offer exactly this breadth and depth. Cisco has designed the new CCNP Service Provider certification to help the professional demonstrate those skills needed in today’s ever-changing scenarios.


How to get CCNP Service Provider certification


The CCNP Service Provider certification, like all Cisco professional level certifications, can be achieved by passing a mandatory core exam and a concentration exam of your choice. One of the most important innovations concerning professional exams is that the super magnet of each of them corresponds to a specific Cisco industrial certification. The 350-501 SPCOR dumps are quite useful for the preparation.


To obtain the CCNP Security certification it is necessary to pass the following exams:


  • Core exam: 350-501 SPCOR – Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies
  • The exam is associated with the Cisco Certified Specialist – Sevice Provider Core certification and is one of the steps necessary for obtaining the CCNP Service Provider and CCIE Sevice Provider certifications.


Concentration exam (one of your choice):


  • 300-510 SPRI – Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions
  • 300-515 SPVI – Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services
  • 300-535 SPAUTO – Implementing Automation for Cisco Service Provider Solutions


Passing each exam in the CCNP Service Provider program earns you an individual Specialist certification, so you can gain recognition for your accomplishments along the way. The core exam focuses on your knowledge of the service provider’s infrastructure.


The foundation exam is also the eligibility exam for the CCIE Service Provider certification. Passing this exam helps you earn both of these certifications. Concentration exams focus on emerging and industry-specific topics such as advanced routing, VPN services, and automation.


CCNP Service Provider exam features


  • Duration: 120 minutes for the core exam and 90 minutes for the concentration exams
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisites: No formal prerequisites


Validity and Renewal


  • Validity : 3 years – to be valid, the two exams (core and concentration) must be passed within 3 years from the date of passing the first of the two sustained
  • Renewal: it is necessary to pass one of the following exams before the expiry date:


  • at least 2 professional-type concentration exams
  • any professional technology core exam
  • any CCIE exam laboratory





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