Cancer Prevention: Tips To Reduce Cancer In Women

Cancer Prevention Tips

Cancer is an unpredictable disease that can only be prevented following specific lifestyle changes. Women can beat cancer if they maintain some habitual changes. You can stay away from life-threatening diseases such as cancer when you understand the importance of preventive measures.

Here are the tips that women should follow to reduce cancer risk.

Go For Regular Screening

One must not ignore that regular screening can help one understand the first signs of cancer. Be it breast cancer, cervical cancer, or lung cancer; women must do testing after consulting with their doctor. You do not need to see an oncologist for this. Just make sure you understand your regular general physician who can suggest some necessary tests to identify any growing health issues. Learn more now about screening for a thorough checkup from a recognized cancer hospital. 

Maintain Healthy Weight

Your weight is essential. It should not be more or less than usual. Overweight and underweight people are more prone to severe diseases such as cancer. A healthy weight should be maintained at all times. 

Especially when you age, you need to check your weight as the body does not have the same metabolic rate. Regular exercise and a controlled diet are the two best ways to stay fit and manage weight.

Daily physical activities

The necessity of physical activity cannot be denied. Yoga, cycling, jogging, aerobics, and swimming are some of the excellent ways to stay healthy, active, and disease-free. Exercise reduces the risk of getting cancer as it keeps your whole body functional. 

An adult female should exercise for at least 20 minutes daily. The exercise must include some form of cardio that makes you sweat and you burn calories.

Proper Diet

A balanced diet is always preferred. One must include a proportionate amount of all the food groups in their diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and fishes are very good for overall health. Apart from this, try to shift to plant-based protein than animal-based protein as that is healthier. 

Some of the foods one must avoid are red meat, spicy foods, processed meat or canned foods. Always eat freshly, home-cooked meals. 

Avoid Alcohol And Tobacco

Alcohol consumption and tobacco are the two silent killers. If you are a chronic smoker, you should quit it as tobacco causes cancers. Also, limit your alcohol consumption. You must not exceed more than one drink a day if you have to drink. Studies have shown that alcohol increases the risk of liver, mouth, colon, and oesophagus cancer. 

Stay Safe From Sun Exposure

One should avoid unnecessary exposure to sun radiation. When you go out and work under the sun, use a sunscreen of broad-spectrum and cover your head. Expose parts of your body with scarves or gloves. UV rays are a significant concern for rising cases of skin cancer these days.

When Should You See A Doctor?

In case you are in doubt about your sudden changes in health, you should see a doctor at the earliest. You can also contact the best cancer hospital in Patna for a thorough screening.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. So follow these tips and prevent the risk of cancer.


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