Can You Create an Online Last Will? Find Out More Here!


The answer is yes! You can make an online Will using an online Last Will and Testament form in a leading legal forms site. The various online forms would ask for a lot of information that needs to be provided in these forms.

Points about Writing a Will

  • It must meet the requirements of the state for witnesses. Some need two and others may need three. In some states the signatures of Principal and the Witnesses to be notarized. Most states don’t accept beneficiaries, your lawyer, or anyone mentioned in the Will to be a witness.
  • The date of signing must be mentioned in the Will. It must be dated as of a date; you and the witness signed the Will.
  • Will must be created voluntarily. Any forced Will of subject to threats or under any kind or pressure develops a disability.
  • You must be in the legal capacity to make the Will. It means you must be of sound mind. It also means that you are making a Will. And that you are preparing for the distribution of the property after the death. It also means that you intend to make Will and that you know what the Will contains.
  • An individual should attain the age of 18 years to make a Will. It is the legal capacity to make a Will, and at the time of writing the Will, this condition should be met.
  • Will distributes the property. Any Will contains the details of persons who will be beneficiaries of your property. Your Will should indicate it.
  • In the printed form your Will can’t have staples removed. If you stapled the pages of the Will together, don’t remove the staples. It will give the impression that someone altered the Will. Removing staples may make your Will void.

What does Valid Will provide?

A valid last Will provides for the appointment of an executor of the estate. The executor should be someone trusted who would manage the estate and takes action as mentioned in the Will. The executor must clear the estate’s debts and taxes. He must ensure that beneficiaries get what you wanted them to receive.

While creating the Will, you can divide the assets any way that you want to choose. The Will also helps to appoint a guardian for your kids. You can also name a legal guardian, and or estate guardian for the minor kids. However, the guardians are those who can be trusted with the responsibility of raising the kids and also manage the finances for the child. It is also possible to appoint a successor guardian.

You can also care about your pets and ensure that the pets are well cared for. In the Will list who you want to care for them. It is also possible to disinherit the specified relatives. Specify the details in the Will.

Handling the Residuary Estate

It can be done by using a residual clause in the Will. It is crucial because there will be property leftover after all the debts are paid, and the beneficiaries get their designated property. Whatever is leftover can be left to the specific beneficiaries in the residuary clause. In the absence of this clause, such property would be transferred by the state law as you died intestate.

Updating the Will

The beneficiaries mentioned in the Will can change after marriage, a new baby, divorce or any other significant life change if you don’t want the ex-spouse to be the beneficiary, so an update is required.

Don’t Delay Creating the Will!

You can easily find the last will and testament form. Provide the correct information and your Last Will and Testament will be created. However, don’t forget to make it valid.


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