Can Chemical Industry Benefit or Destroy the Environment?


There is an assumption that chemicals are harmful to the environment.  Environmental problems have their roots in chemicals.  Do chemicals contribute to the elements that are detrimental to nature? Over the years, people from all walks of life have become aware of the damaging effects of chemicals in the environment. But they were unaware that the modern lifestyle in the present generation uses excellent chemicals of many kinds to sustain comfort and ease. It is noticed that modern-day living is more fast, easy and convenient.  But most individuals did not realize that it is not the chemicals that cause damage but the man himself.  He uses chemicals in petroleum that he uses for cooking.  He uses chemicals in his car to transport himself.  He uses chemicals to clean himself, light his home, and wash his clothes.  He uses chemicals indirectly in the preparation, manufacture, and cooking of his food.  Undeniably, the research chemicals for sale is a part of his life.


The chemicals market is the most sought-after in the marketplace.  There is a continuing demand for chemicals every hour because existence is not possible without chemicals.  Industries won’t sustain without chemicals.  But, there is a sure connection between the depletion and depreciation of our environment and chemical use.  The chemical revolution and the destruction of the environment run in parallel. Chemical use must come to an end in order to protect the environment.  But, shall life continue to be stopped because there is a corresponding chemical use while there is life?

Strengthening chemical science through research and development is essential to maintain a comfortable life in perfect harmony with nature.  They must work together, though; there is a challenge if technology, nature, man, and chemicals can be utilized together.

Man must discover new ways to live without compromising comfort and at the same time reducing chemical usage.  It is good news that many inventions have been tried and worked well with lesser chemical use.  The following this page are some innovations in modern times that are environment-friendly:

  • Biofuels: transportation fuel derived from biomass. A wide range of biomass products can be transformed into fuels for transportation
  • Bioplastics: production of plastic materials from natural sources and can be easily disposed to the environment;
  • Insulation: use of insulating materials to build eco-friendly homes.
  • Fuel Cells: use of hydrogen fuel cells that produce water vapor instead of harmful gases;
  • LED Lights and OLEDS: they produce more light with less electricity;
  • Solar Panels: derive power from the sun also reduce electricity consumption.

We cannot deny that we require chemicals to live; however, if chemical use is unavoidable, man must invent ways to live better without them.  We must support the chemical industry and chemical markets for the greater need of the country, like in massive infrastructure, ship industry, oil exploration, and food production.  In every own little way, a sacrifice can be made for the good of everyone.


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