Buying the Right Equipment for Your Massage Therapy Business


Are you a massage therapist with years of expertise who wants to go out on your own and establish your own business? Or are you recently qualified as a massage therapist, as needed by most states, and you wish to establish your own business? Either way, you’ll need to set up your area to be attractive, functional, and safe for your customers. 

Starting your own business is a significant step, and it’s vital to start the proper way, so your business has the best chance of success. Your Massage supplies will be your most valuable asset, with the appropriate massage therapy insurance.

Need to Know About Massage Therapy Equipment

Although it may be difficult to imagine, 39% of massage therapists are self-employed now. If you want to be one of them, you must adequately establish your firm. Decide what type of massage services you’d like to offer and how you’ll give them. Are you planning to work from home, in an office, a gym, or a nursing home? Are you considering a career as a mobile massage therapist? Depending on your response, you’ll need to evaluate the massage supplies Canada necessary to do this.

This may involve the following:

  • Table for massage
  • Chair for massaging
  • A sufficient supply of pillows, linens, and towels to change between clients
  • Oils, lotions, and creams for massage
  • The ambiance is enhanced with music and candles.
  • Cabinets, such as cupboards, for storing your supplies
  • Technique for cleaning bed linens and bath towels

Quality vs. price

The expense of starting a business might be intimidating. You will need to make several one-time purchases that will require the expenditure of surplus cash, such as those listed above. You may begin by purchasing simply the essentials. 

This is the ideal course of action if your budget is restricted since you do not want to choose quantity above quality. The most critical piece of equipment you will purchase is a massage table. Avoid cutting costs here since it can have a significant influence on the level of service you provide.

Additionally, a range of oils or creams is necessary. Different massage styles require a variety of other creams, and if you plan to provide a full service, you must be prepared. Spend a little more on high-quality lotions and oils to ensure your clients’ safety. Many clients are particular about the items they use on their skin; thus, they are recommended brands and consider including some sensitive options.


Clients view massage businesses as a secure and peaceful environment. You must ensure that you uphold these criteria. When purchasing massage treatment equipment, you cannot compromise on safety to save money. It is physical labor implies that you must take care of yourself while doing your duties.

Your massage table must be sturdy enough to support your customers’ weight. It must be adjustable to work at a comfortable height, and it must be easily transportable if it is a portable table. Your oils and lotions must be entirely safe for use, and your work area must be sanitary. 

Clients seek therapists who are committed to their well-being. Investing more resources to comply with these standards will almost certainly attract additional clients.


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