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best monitor for eyeExtra Using of monitor

Nowadays, many people say that they spend a lot of time looking at the displays of the computer for work or gaming. Continuous use of a smartphone, the laptop is totally damaging your eyesight and brain.IT makes your lives easy and more convenient. let’s discuss some cause and tips, tricks, and slight exercise for eye strain.

No one has knowledge about the blepharospasm but it happens when your eyelid blink and cannot make it stop. Offen its effect on both eyes. Doctor advice can be linked to Fatigue, stress, overuse of monitors displays straining.

Tip And tricks for monitor user

Maintaining some distance and angles for work while using the computer. The contact lens is good but not for the whole’s not suitable for the computer screen user.

Add some exercise for eyes like blink more often while using the best monitor for eyes display. Set monitor screen angle like near the 60 to 65. Maintain your posture for working on the computer. take some rest like 20 to 25 mins during using the work on screen.

Cure  Eyes monitor

50 percent of computer users and 80 percent American Adults use their smartphone, or any digital device used for any purpose like gaming or work.simple is that computer working killing our eyes.

59 percent of people suffer from eye strain because of working online on the computer.there are a lot of ways to prevent computer vision syndrome.

Blink frequently and wink. moisturized your eyes while using the digital’s deceives. take mini breaks after 30 or 35 mins.,

Blink at least for 5 to 10 mins.stair one place to another place.and sit in good posture.

Blue Light and LED monitor

Today, people get additional blue light from Their PC, Computer, Smartphone. Blue light damages our Eyes and Brain also because of the over vision of monitor display. people use their phones all day and even when they go for rest or bedtime.

mobile is a very important device like for work or calling, mobile provides a lot of facilities that’s why it becomes a need.but its effect 50 to 55 percent of all the computer users

Monitor Upgrade and Font 

if you are a non-Hd Computer user then upgrade your computer as soon as possible.because its so important for your eyes.dododon’t use the computer near the window because of the sunlight or the reflection of light its is called reflection of light and this type of light is harmful to eyes .its to become the cause of eye-straining.

Upgrade your computer theme also don’t use too much and bright theme. adjust image size also for best vision.HD Monitor & LED,LCD

Hd monitor and Led is good because international companies introduce very high technology and use good material in the monitor screen tube. like international companies using blue light filters for better visual quality and provide the best picture for computer users.

Eyes Expensive than your wallet job buy good picture quality monitor

Your eyes are a source to capture the best movement.dodododon’t lose eyesight because of the best technology using a monitor according to your eyesight because it’s not only the point of quality this is for your brain health and brain.

Health is wealth so no compromise on Quality. Brain Health is important for your money. Buy a Good Hd monitor.


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