Secrets to Creating High-Quality Print Marketing Materials


Posters, billboards, flyers are some of the common methods of print media used by businesses to promote their services. Anything that increases your brand awareness in a physical form is the magic of print media. Though digital means of promoting a business via paid and organic ads are in trend, the print media has its significance.

The print marketing material is tangible in the hands of consumers with catchy designs and text. It depends on the creativity of the business to represent their information in the most artistic ways. These attractive print media drives the attention of the consumers to visit your store and check out your products/services you offer.

Using a professional printing material service to design your business marketing materials will make your brand noticed. They will not only be noticed but immediately clicked to the mind of consumers when they need your product/service.

Imagine these two cases. In the first, a user sees a billboard of any branded grocery store with a huge discount portrayed in a novel way. In the second, a user sees a billboard poorly designed with no attractive imagery and texts. Which one will he remember? The obvious answer to this is the first one. That’s the magic of high-quality print marketing materials.

Here’re some secrets to create eye-grabbing marketing material for your customers.

Use Of High-Resolution Images: 

Images with low resolution or poor quality are immediately rejected. Using high-quality images reflect colors and leave an everlasting imprint on our minds. 330 PPI is the minimum pixel size required for printing. This size varies for posters and banners. You need to contact a professional print designer.

Use Unique Fonts: 

The Internet is flooded with numerous unique fonts to use in your design. One can even purchase the font style for use. You can even get it designed with professionals in the field.

Select The Correct Color Mode: 

Where advertising has two modes “print” and “digital”, likewise designing colors have two color modes- The CMYB (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) and RGB (Red, Green, Blue). The CMYB is used in physical printing; the RGB is used for digital promotions.

Use The Correct File Format To Resize And Print: 

The printing quality depends on the type of file you send for printing. If it’s a raster (RAR) file, you can’t afford to change the size of the image as it gets destroyed. Use a vector file for resizing and printing. They give clear and good looking images.

Different file formats give different outcomes while printing service. Where JPEG/JPG and PNG is best for digital purposes, TIFF, PDF, and EPS are best for printing purposes. Convert the files as per your need.



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