Bubble Soccer – Safest Outdoor Game to Play during COVID-19


Due the pandemic, we have now been spending the majority of our time at home. All we do is, work from home, or spend hours watching Netflix to kill the time.

With significantly less activity being done at home, our bodies aren’t getting enough exercise, which is ultimately impacting our physical and mental health. The only solution is to start doing more physical activity. Especially now as we are slowly coming out of lockdown in Melbourne, team sports are allowed to be played in certain circumstances.

There are a lot of the benefits to physical activity, especially after being through months of lockdown and not seeing anyone but the people you live with. No doubt, physical activity is a positive for our mental and physical health, but it also has social benefits. Getting involved in physical activity also helps us to achieve a positive relationship with anyone we play with.

Apart from being fun, one thing to keep in mind now when choosing an outdoor activity is health & safety. Bubble Soccer is entirely safe to play as the nose and mouth of the players are encased in the bubble. There is no chance of releasing droplets even if the player sneezes or coughs, meaning no viruses can pass from one player to another.

Bubble soccer is one of the best outdoor experiences you will have. Wearing a giant bubble suit and running around while bumping into each other;everyone can enjoy this game with lots of fun and laughter

Since everyone is concerned about the spread of Covid-19 via shared surfaces, you need to consider this when choosing an activity to play. Some sports like football and cricket, have direct or indirect physical contact, but you do not need to worry about this with Bubble Soccer. The safety of a bubble soccer session also depends on the event organizers you choose. There are a lot of companies that promise to offer the best, and safest bubble soccer sessions in Melbourne, but not all of them are trustworthy. My one and only go-to option for the safest bubble soccer organizer is Ultimate Bubble Soccer.

As all the players will be wearing a giant bubble suit, their hands are always inside the bubble, which eliminates physical contact. Players can’t touch each other or any surrounding surfaces. Another reason to justify the safety of bubble soccer is the bubble diameter. It ranges from one to two meters which means everyone will be maintaining a minimum of 2 meters – A safe distance as stated by the World Health Organisation.

Now you might be thinking about the safety of the bubble suit itself, is it safe? Is the bubble contaminated? What if someone sneezes while wearing a bubble suit?

The bubble suit is made of sturdy PVC material to ensure players safety. The face of players is also covered with a bubble so they can’t transmit anything to each other. Even if any player sneezes during a game, the droplets will not be released in the open air.

Ultimate Bubble Soccer does sanitize players hands and their bubbles with hospital grade disinfectant both before and after game play, which is why I can assure they have their customers health as a top priority.


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