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We are at a time when companies seek to go beyond the digitization they were in. They seek to go one step further through the implementation of employee branding or employee advocacy strategies, integrating their employees and managers in marketing campaigns and techniques to unite and align company resources with benefits for both parties.

Here we are going to mention how to enhance our company’s employee branding strategy, how to take it one step further by creating a network of brand ambassadors.

It is at this time, when the employee branding strategy comes into play, with which it is necessary for employees to participate in the social media strategy and enhance the reach of corporate content in their profiles on social networks.

If you would like to be considered to our program then please fill the below section and we will have one of our team leaders to look into your application.

In addition, we will have a content repository. A “bulletin board” in which the company will add relevant and valuable content about the brands and the sector those employees will voluntarily share in their profiles, thus helping to implement their personal branding.

With the network of ambassadors established, corporate content will reach beyond possible borders, while employees will optimize their profiles. The benefit, as you can see, is mutual, and very great!

In addition, the administrator can segment and group ambassadors by categories (departments, areas, branches …) and generate specific content for each of them depending on their characteristics and the interests of the Brand.

The administrator will also be able to set permissions for each linked profile individually, and will be able to monitor the activity and performance of each ambassador or group of ambassadors at all times, to know who interacts more and achieve better results and reward them for it.

How does our point system work?

Ideally, we are looking for instagramers and other social media platform users to join us and benefited from our scheme.

We offer ambassadors 25% discount on all of our collections in store. We also provide them with their unique discount code of 20% which they could share with their followers on social media platforms.

For every customer referred by the ambassador we will add points to the ambassador’s profile, every time your special code gets used on our store, we will be notified and add points to your profile.

Any ambassador that refers 15 customers will receive an extra 20% off on the selected items (including his/her 25% discount) if any ambassador that refers 30 customers will get 20×30 points + the additional free t-shirt/crop top + additional 10% on selected items.

If anyone brings 50+ customers will get points accordingly and will get a free hoodie + free T-shirt + can give a friend 25% discount

Ambassadors will have an exclusive portal where they will manage why social networks want the brand to automatically broadcast corporate content. They will also have an editable outbox in which they can consult the contents planned by the administrator for each of their profiles in the next 72 hours and modify them if they wish.

The ambassador will also be able to see statistics on their performance to know what type of content is being shared the most and which of their social networks have generated the most visits.

The ambassador will also have the content repository, where you can consult the content suggested by the brand.


In Digital Marketing, measuring is the key. For this reason, company analyzes the impact of the employee branding strategy using a series of metrics:

Employee analytics: measure the performance of ambassadors to discover who shares more content, generates more visits…

Social analytics: identify which social networks are generating the most visits and which communities are more proactive.

Content analytics: determines what type of content is working best, which are more shared by ambassadors and which generate a greater reach for the brand.

Audience analytics: the brand will also be able to know what type of audience interacts the most with the corporate content that is disseminated through the profiles of the network of brand ambassadors.

Leads & Sales analytics: finally, it will also be possible to know which ambassador has led to a certain sale.



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