BMW Pays Out On Two Class-Action Lawsuits


BMW Pays Out On Two Class-Action Lawsuits

German automobile company BMW has settled two class-action lawsuits. According to the lawsuits, the manufacturer’s defective nature of sunroofs in specific models of the brand led to several various damages amounting to several thousand in dollars in repairs.

The lawsuit was brought forth by Eric Anderson and Monita Sharma, both residing in California. Both parties mentioned that the sunroof of certain models had some issues like clogged drain tubes which can cause damages to certain electrical parts of the vehicle. To repair the damages, Anderson mentioned that he had to spend close to $2000 of his own money after a dealer told him such damages weren’t covered by warranty.

The vehicles mentioned in the lawsuits are  2004-2010 BMW 5 Series (E60 and E61). Mind you, these models are not protected against certain damages that might make some electrical components parts redundant.

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The complaint says, “BMW manufactured and produced different models of vehicles that have a design flaw that negatively affects the safety and value of the cars. The models in question are those built in the class period with specific key electrical components like PDC and SDARS, located at the bottom of the trunk of the vehicle. Because these parts are placed at the lowest position in the vehicle, they are exposed to water, thus leading to excessive water damages you might not experience in the daily use of the vehicle.

“When the damage happens, the car is unusable and inoperable, thus posing a risk to owners and users of the vehicle. Although it has been established that these electrical parts are susceptible to damages, BMW offers zero recommendations or warning to owners about the position of these components or the need to keep the vehicle’s trunk from water.”

In BMW’s response, they failed to see any negligence or wrongdoing in their part. However, they settled quickly to avoid trial and bad press.

In a nutshell, as explained by the FTC on their article, “employers need the authorization of potential employees in writing before running any background checks on them

The settlement plan reads, “The affected owners can schedule an inspection with an authorized BMW dealer within 12 months of the settlement date. In addition, all water-damaged parts will either be replaced or repaired where necessary. Also, owners who used their money for repairs will be reimbursed for up to $1500 after submitting a claim, and showing proof of repair.”

Henceforth, dealers are mandated to place a warning label on the trunks of vehicles.

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