Blue Light Glasses: Benefits and Care Tips



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In today’s world, screen time, eye strain and sleep deprivation are some of the familiar terms one gets to hear. The Millennial lifestyle has transformed every detail into digital screens for ease of usage. However, this step towards growth has fallen into an era of downsides. Yes. Prolonged exposure to blue light emission from the screen can disparage the retinal cells. Australians spend around 5.5 hours on their phones every day, which is around 17 years of an average lifetime. Blue light glasses in Australia are currently buzzing since life without smartphones seems like a far off reality.

Pros of Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses have their lens structures designed in a way that they can limit the exposure of blue light entering the eyes. That’s why they are better known as blue light blocking glasses that can keep away intensified blue light rays from the screen, certain lightings and the sun. Blue light glasses can bar at least 30% of blue light exposure, turning down other health complications blue lights cause. Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy from wearing blue light glasses.

  1. Alleviates Existing Eye Discomfort

Around 80% of Australian children experience digital eye strain while using digital gadgets. Looking at the mobile screen for an extended period can cause your eyes to stress and muscles to distort. Though short intervals between screen time can help diminish eye strain, a break is not possible at all times.

Digital screens emit blue light that has high levels of contrast. As a result, it becomes arduous to focus on the screen, causing retinal strain, blurry vision and irritated eyes. However, blue light blocking glasses minimises the divergence of the emitted blue light, making it easy to focus without any tension.

  1. Keeps Up Optimal Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is a bodily hormone secreted by the brain, aids with the circadian rhythms. Often known as the sleep hormone, melatonin has several other functions beyond inducing a regularised sleep schedule. However, artificial blue light released from phone screens, especially during nighttime, can interfere with the rise and fall of melatonin in the body.

Melatonin deficiency can cause mood disorders, pain, fatigue, dementia and sleeplessness. Thus, one prime benefit of blue light glasses is that they can maintain the melatonin level and are safe from circadian rhythm fluctuations.

  1. Minimising Risks of Related Health Complications

Screen time and blue light exposure are often related to eye strains, retinal tensions and vision concerns. However, other intricacies can also follow due to blue light exposure. On the whole, your mind gets stressed, due to which cortisol- the stress hormone levels rise. Other severe complications include AMD, cancer, insomnia, etc. Around one in every seven Australians aged over 50 get affected by AMD, and unsurprisingly, blue light is one prime cause. Blue light glasses in Australia are a go-to option for AMD patients to keep away further macular degeneration.

Ways to Care for Your Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are an investment for a lifetime, and undeniably caring for them the right way keeps them durable even after everyday use. Caring for your blue light glasses takes you a step ahead towards sustaining your eye health. Here are some care tips to follow,

  • Always use warm water and a mild soap or glass cleaner to get rid of fingerprints, dirt and dust from your blue light glasses.
  • Never leave your blue light glasses under direct sunlight in the car or near a window screen without wrapping them with a case.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to wipe your blue light glasses. However, wash the microfiber cloth that comes along frequently or, you are only spoofing your glasses instead of clearing them.


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