Biotin-Rich Foods That Can Boost Your Hair Growth

hair growth

Hair growth can slow down with age and in some cases, people can also suffer from early age baldness. Although some people feel proud even if they are bald there are certain people who might have confidence issues just because of this fact. There are several ways in which you can improve your hair growth or even prevent it from getting weak. There are certain foods and healthy habits that can prevent hair fall and improve your hair growth.

Some people have it in their inheritance while there are some people who get bald due to unhealthy eating habits or living in an environment where that person didn’t used to live before. Foods that are rich in protein and biotin are really important for the growth of your hair. You can consume seeds, beef bone broth, and almonds to make your hair strong and healthy.

Applying hair oil can also make your roots strong and this boosts your hair growth as well. There are certain precautions that you should take to stop breaking extra hair strands. Don’t use a towel to dry your hair as it can break your hair, try to air dry your hair or let them dry on their own. Use oil to give them moisture and they will start to become healthy and strong. The following foods are rich in biotin and other healthy nutrients that help to make your hair stronger. Add these foods to your diet and notice the difference.

●    SEEDS

Basil seed and flaxseed can help with the growth of your hair. These seeds are rich in biotin and can make the roots of your hair strong and healthy. Adding these seeds to your diet or even applying their oil will improve your hair health.

In certain cases, inflammation can lead to hair fall and by consuming seeds you will be able to reduce the level of inflammation in your body. This will lead to healthier and shiny hair.


Almonds are also beneficial for your hair health. They are rich in protein and biotin that boosts the growth of your hair. Similar to seeds, you can also use almond oil on your scalp to improve your hair health. There are tons of other benefits that you can have by consuming almonds in your daily diet. Almonds are great for your brain as well. So, you will get multiple benefits by adding almonds to your daily diet


Similarly, beef and chickens are also rich in protein, and like I said that protein really helps to improve your hair health. You can add chicken bone broth, lean beef, and ground beef to improve the health of your hair.  Mostly hair fall is caused by bad diet habits and foods that contain processed meat. This is why you should be consuming foods that are rich in protein and biotin.

●    EGGS

Eggs are also a great source of protein and can help a lot to improve your overall health as well. Consuming a few egg whites daily can help to improve your overall health. Applying an egg mask on your hair can make it strong and shiny and another thing that it does to your hair is that it will get rid of the frizziness in your hair. This is what makes eggs so special for your hair health. You can mix almond oil with egg and apply it to your hair to notice significant changes.


Sweet potatoes are also rich in biotin. The main benefit of sweet potatoes is that they are not starchy and won’t make you fat or overweight. They help to reduce the inflammation of your body and can really boost your hair health by a lot. So try to avoid starchy foods and include those veggies that can help to reduce inflammation.


These are all the healthy foods that can boost your hair health and once you start adding these foods to your daily diet then you will notice a great change in your hair health. Other things that you should keep in mind is to avoid using hard brush, heat, and towel. These things will damage your hair health and you can prevent it by avoiding these things.


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