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For some people, boxing is an event; for others, it is an entertainment or a scary act, and for a few, it is their life. Boxers seem to be quite arrogant once inside the ring, challenging and provoking his/her competitor. But are they that arrogant, that fearful? Won’t it be interesting if we get to know their life? A close watch on the not much-revealed life of boxers is quite an exciting piece to read.

Many boxers have come up with their biographies, and many are still read worldwide. It reveals the pain, efforts, and the courage that the fighters have taken to come up to this profession and survive.

In this article, some of the biographies of boxers are listed. If you are interested in getting to know the real lives of these boxers behind those fierce faces, note some of these and go for it.

Eugene J Bullard

This man was someone more than a boxer. ‘All Blood Runs Red’ is the name of the biography. Born as a black slave in Columbus, Georgia, this man did not have any privilege to pursue a career in boxing. He did boxing as a means f living. At some point in his life, world war one happened, and he joined the French foreign legion.

Jake LaMotta

Raging bull is his autobiography in which he tells his story on his own. This adds color and life to the story. The book was later adapted to a movie that gained a lot of appreciation worldwide. His unique way of punching the opponent down that resembled that of a bull earned him the nickname’ raging bull’.

Sugar ray Robinson

Pound for pound by herb Boyd is his autobiography. He is a boxer whose name deserves to be carved in the chapters of history. There is much the reader can grasp from the book through the book partially fails to reconcile the various aspects of this man’s personality.

However, the book details his luxurious lifestyle. Also, the stories about his two-ex wives and the related controversies are given a glimpse In the book. Once you finish the biography, you can’t help but appreciate the talent, wit, and charm of this man. However, he could not manage his economy well though he owned many businesses owing to the lavish lifestyle.

Roberto Duran

Versatility and longevity are some of the parameters that make a boxer a legend. Ruberto Duran was born with it, which made him a renowned fighter despite the many pitfalls that came his way. The book is known as the hands of stone: the life and legend of Roberto Duran.

The book brings out the life of both the good and bad times of his life.

Michael Tyson

The undisputed truth is the autobiography of this legend. An autobiography’s significance is that it can communicate a lot more about the personality than a biography. The reason is that one can analyze what the person chooses to put out to the public and what he/she keeps back can indeed speak a lot.

As one flips through the pages of this autobiography, one goes through every emotion. His life was and will be an inspiration for the failed ones as it can motivate them and start again from the point they lost.

Charlie Zelenoff

He is a boxing practitioner against the boxing legends mentioned above. He has not won any titles and is yet to embrace the title. He is a person who got interesting in boxing and is passionate about it that he preferred it as a career. To know more about him and his personal life,  you can read Charlie Zelenoff Biography.

Concluding note

Some of the boxers whose biographies are to be read are listed above. Catch some of them to get to know the real lives that they carefully hide with the fierce faces.


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