Best Review Google Nexus 4 Review


Are you thinking about purchasing Google Nexus 4? Well you have certainly landed yourself on the right page because there will be giving you a brief review on this prospective device so that you can have complete understanding how this device could be and will it be perfectly matching to your expectations or not.


If you are looking for an affordable device then this Google Nexus 4 is certainly a perfect choice for you because it comes with an amazing Quad Core processor that will help you gain the benefit of 2GB RAM. Not only this it will also help you reach your favourite content in a 4.7 inch display that comes with the inclusion of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. So available at an affordable price it surely Packs a ferocious punch that covers most part of the expectation.


Another amazing part about this device is its memory. You can avail this device according to your convenience of 8GB model or 16GB model. The demand of the device has been really good and the best part is that it gives you perfectly fine attributes at a very normal range. The design and build of this device is also quite cool. There are no company logos and physical buttons coming in the interruption of its design and looks. When it comes to screen comedy resolution is perfectly fine in the form of 768 into 1280 pixels. You will certainly be able to go through your content without any difficulty whatsoever.


When it comes to the battery life of this device you will certainly not be disappointed in that Part as well. It will certainly remain working for a long period of time and help you never feel disappointed while using it on the move. So it shows that it is a complete value for money for you to get this device for yourself if you are looking for something on a very compact budget. It brings in a lot of attributes that will help you develop your favourite content without any kind of difficulty.


If there are any kind of issues with the device you can always get it repaired under the warranty. The excellent camera facilities and high definition screen are the best part of this device and the performance also will never let you down. But yes you will certainly not be benefited with the 4G facility but as it is available at a very affordable range, you can certainly get the value you are looking for.


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