Best Review for Zonebase Amazon FBA Tool


Zonebase is a platform by a few experts of eCommerce sellers who tried to get all the required services in one place so that the sellers would be having all the services of data research, analysis, and business optimization and making profits under one umbrella. 


Zonebase offers multiple services. With the main service of product research and optimization, it is also offering services of mentoring services to its paid users along with access to its video library where each and every matter related to Amazon selling is explained along with the usage of 14 main tools of the Zonebase. 


Rating Score of Zonebase


In last year, Zonebase is rated five out of five based on four features of the Zonebase FBA tool review. Below are the features which are rated fully by the users who provided their feedback after using the tools. 


Number of Features offered– Zonebase is the only research tool which is offering all the required services related to product research, listing optimization, and sales optimization. As the user is provided access to all of the services of these three main categories, users rate it fully with excellent feedback. 


Pricing of the Plans-Zonebase offers two plans with reasonable rates. The price plans are mostly half of the price plans offered by its competitors. 


The curve of Learning– Along with the research services, Zonebase also provides coaching regarding Amazon product research, Amazon Listings optimization, and sales optimization. The coaching services offered by Zonebase are best and based on practical matters. This is another feature of Zonebase which is highly rated as compared to its competitors. 


User Friendly– The web services and the extension had all the features well introduced to its user through videos and tutorial clips.     

Zonebase FBA Tool features

There are three main features of Zonebase which are designed for different services which are required by the Amazon sellers. 

  1. Zonebase Research Tools



Zonresearch enables the user to find the required product with required filers. There are filtered which are adjusted by the developers but if the user wants to change, then this can be changed by the user very easily. 

Chrome extension

This app allows users to get data directly from Amazon and provide accurate and updated data. 

Hot products

There is a list of hot products by the Hot Product tool which is updated every hour by the database. This is a great place to get the product you want to sell on Amazon. 

Sales estimator

Free sales of the competitors or other sellers can be calculated with this tool. 

  1. Zonebase Sales Optimizer Tools

Product validator

This tool provides adequate data on if a product is a valid product or not. 

Keywords tool

With this tool, one can easily get the keyword ideas which the existing sellers are using to optimize their listings. 


You can easily view the ranking status of other sellers who are raking through keywords or phrases. 

  1. Listing Optimization


This tool help you to make the product listing in a better way while making the titles, bullet points, and search terms optimized. 

Photo optimizer

This feature is only provided by the Zonebase with which the user can optimize the images of the product as well. 


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