Best Pellet Grill Under $600



Camp Chef SmokePro SG WiFi 24

There are a variety of Camp Chef SmokePro models you can purchase for less than $600 like that of the SmokePro XT. But, the most effective model I’ve seen at this price is the WiFi 24 model from SG. WiFi 24 due to two main reasons. First, it’s got WiFi to connect the Camp Chef Connect which isn’t accessible on lower-spec SmokePro models. However, those SG models also have direct-flame access.

Camp Chef SmokePro Camp Chef SmokePro features the most advanced PID/WiFi control system among all competitors Image –

As with the other SmokePro models that are available, this model SG WiFi 24 features the outstanding Gen 2 PID control panel that allows temperature adjustment as well as precision within 5 degrees of the temperature set. But, take note, I found that SG WiFi 24 for less than 600 dollars at HomeDepot and it’s priced higher when bought directly through

Cuisinart Clermont

In the beginning, when Cuisinart Clermont first came out, I wasn’t convinced that it was worthy of a price that was less than $800. However, the price has been falling steadily and is currently priced below 600 dollars. You can see in relation to the cooking area because of the three racks, the Clermont offers the highest than the other competitors.

It is the Cuisinart Clermont is a kind of an horizontal pellet grill and a vertical smoker that is a hybrid of the two: Image –

But, when you compare the area of cooking to the main cooking grate, it’s not as impressive and considerably smaller than the cooking grate of the Cuisinart Woodcreek, which I reviewed in the top pellet grills that cost less than $500.

Expert Grill Concord 3-In-1

A brand relatively new in the world of pellet grills Expert Grill is offering some of the biggest cooking spaces and features available at their price ranges. Like, for instance, the less compact Expert Grill Altas can be among the top pellet grills that cost less than $400.

Expert Grill Concord Expert Grill Concord features a propane griddle to the left, and a pellet grill/smoker on the right Image from

Alongside in addition to the PID thermostat, the direct flame access , and Bluetooth/App connectivity for the pellet grill part of the Concord there’s an additional propane griddle that can be used to cook smaller portions of meat or vegetables and also an oven with high heat for searing.

Lifesmart 600 Dual Cook

The 600 Dual Cook by Lifesmart can be described as the 2nd grill made of pellets from the competition to have the propane griddle. Its advantage is not just the added cooking space but also two cooking surfaces at different temperatures. For example, you can smoke inside the grill, then sear on the gas grid.

The Lifesmart 600 Dual Cook is an electric grill and smoker that has an connected propane griddle. Image from

In my article about Lifesmart pellet grills, explain that their most impressive attribute is their PID control panel, which makes the most of technology to provide precision in temperature and control in increments of 5 degrees. Obviously, on the 600 Dual Cook, the side gas griddle adds some additional cooking functionality/flexibility.

Oklahoma Joe’s Rider 900

It is believed that the Oklahoma Joe’s brand was started in the 80’s, in the state of Oklahoma and later bought from Char-Broil at the end of 1998. The Rider is the first grill range made of pellets targeted at the market for budget grills with several nice features to be located.

As I’ve mentioned in my review of The Oklahoma Joe’s Rider pellet grills, they feature the most efficient hopper emptying system I’ve ever seen on a pellet grill. This may be an odd thing to be exuberant about but, I think that proper care of pellets as well as protection against moisture aren’t recognized enough by other brands of pellet grills.

Traeger Pro 22

It’s possible to buy a large Traeger for less than 600 dollars. But, it is important to know of the fact that this Pro 22 is a Gen 1 Pro Series model and is not one that is a Gen 2 model with all its benefits (read here for more details). This is why the Pro 22 does not feature the PID temperature controller nor WiFi/App connectivity.

A while ago a few years ago, this Pro 22 was one of the most sought-after pellet grills available Photo courtesy of

Pro 22 Pro 22 is an older generation Traeger and is a product which helped create the Traeger brand into what it is now. On the other hand, when it comes to the other hand, it is struggling to stay ahead of the more recent competitors. Be aware, typically, to purchase the Pro 22 for under $600 it will be purchased from Walmart and HomeDepot rather than directly through

USSC USG350 The Hooch

In the USSC pellet grills I believe their current product line that includes the USG350 an opportunity missed. I’ve known about USSC or, to use their full name, the United States Stove Company for several years. They were founded in 1869. Their current selection of grills made from pellets struggle to stay ahead of the pack.

The Hooch also known with”The Hooch” and marketed as USG350 is one of the smaller USSC pellet grills and smokers: Image –

At this price the consumer is now looking for at least one of the following options: Direct-flame control with PID, temperature controls and WiFi connectivity. The USG350, however, doesn’t come with none of these features. It also has the least space for cooking and the smallest hopper size among the other contenders.

Z Grills 10002B

Z Grills is a very well-known and widely accessible brand of affordable pellet grills and smokers. Under $600, the most powerful Z Grill the 10002B is accessible. It’s not the most technologically advanced pellet grill available because the 10002B isn’t part of Z Grills PID line-up.

The 10002B is currently the largest cooking space of Z Grills’ range Image –

The 10002B is not among the Z Grill models fitted with direct-flame access, but it does have an easy draw to clean out ash. Also , be aware that if you purchase directly through the 10002B could be priced higher than $600. I have found the lowest prices on Home Depot and Lowes.


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