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Selecting the right doctor to go to for an online doctor consultation can be a very nerve-racking task. We sometimes only go to doctors who we know have a good reputation in a particular field. To take this one step further, you usually only listen to the advice of a loved one or trusted family member before consulting a new doctor.

Online Doctor Consultation India, Video Consultation Doctor India

So why should anything be different for an online medical consultation? If you put in so much effort into meeting the right physician offline, then certainly you should match the effort before consulting someone over the internet. After all, when it comes to your family’s health and safety, you only want to be getting the best advice at an affordable rate.

Here are the things that you must consider before approaching a doctor for an e consultation:

  1. Make Sure That The E-Consultation Site Has A Trusted Reputation:

There have been several cases where fake sites have been set up and customers have been duped by scammers posing as online doctor consultations. In fake websites, patients have been lured into sharing their personal information as well as information regarding their bank account details. These sites have collected the data and then charged the patients some massive amounts of money. Once the scam was completed, the “doctors” would disappear, leaving the patients high and dry.

  1. Choose the Doctor of The Right Speciality:

Just as you cannot go to your Chartered Accountant for advice on how to drive on a busy road, it is foolhardy to go to a cardiac specialist when you have a terrible throat infection. Ensure that the doctor you go to for a consultation has plenty of experience in treating issues related to the ones you are facing.

Even if you don’t have time to read all the heavy documents about what type of treatment is best for you, you can opt for the “Consult a Doctor” feature where you do not have to select the right speciality doctor before starting the consultation. In most such cases, your e consultation request is transferred to a “general physician”, a type of doctor who can handle it all. These kinds of doctors are not ultra-specialised in treating a particular disease or organ. Still, they do have plenty of experience in dealing with patients with the most intriguing of issues. These doctors can be called the “Jack of all Specialities”!

  1. Verify The Online Dr Consultation

Another essential thing to consider is that when it comes to the internet, you don’t know who you’re precisely talking to. Any doctor, with or without a degree and registration certificates, can create an “online doctor” account for free. Now, the catch here is that their profile will show an “unverified” sign and that varies from company to company. Make sure that your doctor has a verified profile before starting your online doctor consultation.

To take this one step further, we suggest that you check out the doctor’s LinkedIn profile as well before heading to him or her for a consultation. This will help guarantee the medical council of India certifies that doctor.

  1. Ensure the Safety Of Your Health, Your Data And Privacy

When it comes to choosing a new online dr consultation, a general rule of thumb is to try out the features before trusting the site altogether. Most sites allow you to have an online chat with a doctor that costs less than ₹100 and can also allow you to have a video call with your doctor at a rate of less than ₹200. Try out these services before you get into anything that might cost you more. If you are happy with the quality of service and do not notice anything untoward with the website, then you can go ahead and trust the online medical consultation for complete health solutions.


In general, the best way to select an online doctor is by doing plenty of research and word of mouth. Having an online chat with a doctor can put all your doubts at ease and might help you build confidence in the site. Make sure that you do not commit all your data to the website before you are confident that you trust its reputation.

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