Best iOS Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021


So, you have an Apple gadget in your hands and you set out to download something cool. We have prepared the best iOS games for the iPhone. These are some of the best games available on the iPhone, let’s have a look.

Infinity Blade III

You’ve probably heard about this project. Only Infinity Blade III can fully harness the power of the iPhone’s processor. You yourself will understand what is the matter: beautiful graphics, which sometimes are not inferior to computer and console games, exciting battles, as well as an original plot. Because of these parameters, the game is at the top. If you missed the first two parts, then you should definitely download the new “Blade”, because it is fully optimized for iOS and is included in the best iOS games.

Worms 3

Worldwide popular “Worms” are familiar to many users from the ancient PC game. Now the exciting product has made its way to iOS. They came out back in 2013, but they still occupy the top. “Worms” along with them brought a whole huge set of weapons, different types of maps, exciting cooperative modes, and many other little things for which millions of gamers around the world adore Worms.

GTA San Andreas

This legendary action is now available for iOS 7 and 6. San Andreas has been around for a long time. Few could have imagined that someday it would be possible to transfer to a mobile device. And now the owners of gadgets with iOS 7 and 6 can plunge into the world of the ghetto, go through the difficult path of the protagonist.

All missions, weapons, locations are saved. GTA San Andreas is undoubtedly one of the best iOS games for iOS 6 and 7. What other applications can you install?

Plants vs Zombie 2

Of course, we forgot about Plants vs Zombie 2. Plants vs Zombie is one of those games that kills time with humour. Your task is to repel the attack of the living dead with the help of various plants. The colourful arcade will not let you get bored. At the beginning of the mission, a map appears in front of you, on which you need to plant various combat plants designed to fight zombies.

Colourful cartoon graphics and various tasks are the main advantages of this game. For this application, the developers have made a lot of locations, which are still being released. Therefore, after installing this application, you will have the opportunity to fight the hordes of the dead both in Egypt and in the snowy Arctic. Such applications are undoubtedly among the top best iOS games.

Asphalt 8

The best iPhone games we’ve reviewed were on platforms other than Blade of Eternity III. Now back to the classics of mobile games. If you ask a gamer what are the best racing games for a smartphone, he is 90% likely to say Asphalt 8. The eighth part is very different from 7 and 6, primarily because of the realistic picture.

During the creation of this game, the developers from Gameloft carried out extensive work on the bugs. The model of car damage, physics, tracks – all this has become an order of magnitude higher. Now, these are the best racing games for OS 6 and 7 that set completely new standards. You can also try Pokemon Fan Games.


An excellent racing simulator in the best traditions of this genre. There is a motorcycle, there are the most famous races in the world, there is a vehicle pumping system. The challenge is to win races and earn points. The gameplay itself consists of a continuous drive, graphics and detailing here are at the highest level. Also, in each race, it is necessary to use special techniques, such as overtaking or a risky turn. SBK14 is one of the best iPhone games due to its well-drawn and well-thought-out gameplay.

Majesty: Royal Simulator

The first strategy in our rating, however, is very unusual. Here the player will have to become the ruler of a fairy kingdom. Accordingly, the buildings, inhabitants, problems, and all other elements of the world of Majesty are also fabulous. So, there are monsters who constantly threaten the state. The main task of the game is to ensure the normal functioning of the kingdom’s population.

To do this, you will have to develop a fabulous infrastructure, educate culture, cope with the economy, and much more. There is also a combat element – you need to conquer new territories. A very unusual strategy! You can read more such articles at gamingfreak.


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