Best High Risk Merchant Account for Overcoming for Your High Risk Business


Merchants that are accompanying gaming merchant account are widely applicable for the gaming industry. Online Gaming business accounts are more susceptible to high chargebacks and carry a significant level of risk. If a gaming merchant does not possess a license or software provided by the gaming technology provider then it will difficult in getting a PSP for such a project. These are some of the reasons that start-ups in this field do not get a merchant account. Since traditional financial institutions and banks deny payment gateway services to these merchants. We at PayCly provide you the gambling merchant account with High Risk Merchant Account solutions that will allow you to run your gambling business successfully.

high risk business

The industry has generated revenue of $ 151.55 billion in 2019 and is looking to be an industry of net worth $ 256.97 by 2025. Gaming developers are continuously thriving to provide good gaming experience to users. Hence, they are rewrite codes for different console/platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC so that users can have full advantage of the various features that come along with the supportable devices.

The new technology such as cloud computing is driving the market. Cloud gaming provides a server that includes all the games and does all the computational work. The cloud includes high-resolution graphics storage, game logic processing video encoding, and video streaming. Several gaming companies are offering this kind of commercial cloud gaming service. This new technology in this gaming sector is also considered as a serious competitor for the traditional game market. If you want to be successful in this industry and then we will help you achieve that. We at PayCly get you the best High-Risk Merchant Account that can provide you efficient payment transaction solution for your business.

Our casino/gaming merchant accounts offer:

Get the best solution for your gaming account that can allow you to have smooth and flexible business transactions. Here are some of the features that are beneficial for you.

Safe and Secure Transactions – We offer different solutions to our customer merchant account for their transaction processing. But ensure that they get safe and secure payment transactions for their business account.

Prevention from frauds – We adopt the cutting-edge technology that provides protection against frauds and credit card scams. We also have the chargeback prevention mechanism that will allow you to have less chargeback for your business.

Best Credit Card Processing Software – Gaming merchant account can easily process the major credit card transactions from their personal computers. Hence, you can deposit payments to their accounts.

Cost-cutting Solutions – A PSP will provide you the real-time solutions that will help you save time and money. Hence, we endure cost-effective solutions to our merchants.

SSL encrypted servers – We ensure that payment transaction data is secured from frauds. Hence, we assist secure SSL encrypted connection to merchants so that they can have safe and secure payment transactions. We intend to provide additional security to merchants against all kinds of scams and fraud.

Online Overview of Transactions – Like other high-risk merchant accounts you will be able to see the transaction report online.

Virtual Terminals– Service provider will provide you with a virtual terminal that will serve as a hosting terminal for multi-user networking. Through these virtual terminals, merchants can also have the flexibility to process credit cards and perform authorizations through secure servers.

Online Shopping Cart – A PSP holder can easily integrate shopping cart to their website.

Technical Support – We intend to provide 24*7 technical supports to our customers. We will assist you through set up and initialization to executing payment transaction operations successfully.

Different Card Acceptance – We allow merchants to accept different cards such as MasterCard, Visa etc, for their online website. Customers have the flexibility to make payment different card acceptance solutions on your website.

These are some of the features that a high-risk merchant account can get you.

Documents required getting a High-Risk Merchant Account

The online gaming business is the fastest growing business that is rapidly growing consumers all over the world. The cutting edge technology is helping these industries to grow exponentially. PUBG being recent online gaming that is currently prevailing all around the world. It has become so much popular that people are specifically buying devices to play a particular game. Till now it has been the most popular internet gaming battle game that have to secure a good place in the market. It has been successful in generating good revenue out of it. You can also earn a good amount of money with an online gaming business account.

If you are a high-risk business then you can face the difficulty of getting a PSP. Since banks and the financial institutions may not provide you with the business account until and unless they make sure that you are an authorized dealer in the industry and running a legal business. There are certain documents that are required to get a payment gateway for your business.  If you have these documents with you then you can easily avail the gateway facility for your business.

  • Director’s Profile KYC, Driving Licence/Voter ID/ Passport
  • 3 months recent bank statement
  • 3 months of recent processing statement
  • A void check
  •        The companyneeds to have fully functional and valid website.
  • Domain Ownership Copy
  • Application Form

Once you have submitted all these documents you will be able to get the business account. A service provider will take 6 to 7 business days in availing you of a payment processor for your business.

PayCly is one of the major service providers payment gateway in Singapore that is serving gaming merchants all around the world. We provide significant growth to these businesses by providing an efficient payment processor that can help them secure smooth and flexible payment transactions. We have years of experience in meeting the demands of the businesses either big or small size. We have been professional in doing our work relentlessly securing a good reputation in the market. We provide Online Casino Merchant Account facility to help merchants grow their business in the gaming industry and can earn huge revenue from it.





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