The best fragrance for YOU – Scents that make you Unique


Francis Kurkdjian said “Perfume is an art that let the memories speak” this quotation epitomizes the true impression perfumes or any other fragrance has on us and our personalities. Scents have always been declared as an extension of one’s individuality. We all want to be remembered, leave an impact on the premises of someone’s mind. So, much that the scent engulfs a nostalgic aura; as you have a whiff of it, it takes you to times and places that held memories consider them good or bad. There is something entirely idiosyncratic and powerful about fragrance.

That being said, choosing the best fragrance for you has always been a staggering task. List for the best perfumes in Pakistan may go on to infinity but a person has to be extremely vigilant when executing the deed of buying a perfume. Choosing the right perfume or signature perfume that defines you is like choosing a partner.

How to choose a Fragrance:

Before you go on the hunt to get your hands on your signature scent here are few things that should be kept in mind.

  • Don’t buy a fragrance just because you smelled in on some else. Fragrances work differently on different people.
  • As soon as you spray the fragrance try to leave the place and go out in the air. Keep one thing in mind due to the infusion of different kinds of scents o the counter our mind gets tricks into the forged scents created by the incorporation of all scents. Yet again it gets overwhelming and you end up to buying the wrong fragrance.
  • Start with the lighter fragrances. The task for choosing your kind of scent is challenging especially if you are starters. So, instead of going for the perfumes and fragrances with string scents try the ones with the lighter scents.
  • Always apply perfumes on the pulse points even as you are choosing the perfumes. As they are exposed to air the diffusion of the perfumes get steadier and you will figure put which perfumes stays longer on your skin.

Impact of the Scent on your personality:

As mentioned earlier fragrances are considered as an extension of your personality. The confidence it brings to you is immeasurable you feel fresh throughout the whole day. Hence, it’s safe to say that just like your individuality and attitude the scents you use also make you unique. Scent is linked to emotions, memories, productivity and health. As you start your day every miner detail adds up to your whole attire from your outfit to the jewelry you pair with it. But above all the visual appearance, your scent still leaves an everlasting impression it is remembered and convicts a person’s mind to contemplate on the scent he whiffed.

Though there is a rulebook that is asked to be followed while choosing your fragrance. But still you have to be a little stern with what suits you the best. And yes, smelling good are the perks of using fragrances you will smell good throughout the day and what else do we want. The fragrance that compliments your personality is what makes you unique. The detail and depth it adds up to your whole personality will make you unique.

Scents that make you unique:

Here is my take on the scents that I believe smell so intoxicatingly delicious that they make you look unique.

So let’s dive into it.

  1. Narcisco Rodriguez Pure Musc Eau De Parfum:

There are a large number of people who love to smell heavy and musky. But if you are someone like me who goes for the scents that have lighter notes than that’s your pick. It smells light and has base notes of cotton candy.

  1. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau de Parfum:

The reason for claiming this perfume as unique is not solely for its scent but also for the bottle it comes in which becomes a style statement for the vanity. With the base notes of sandalwood and jasmine the light fragrance of this perfume is long lasting and makes you feel confident and refreshing throughout he whole day.

  1. Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique Eau de Parfum:

This perfume is a perfect take for summers with incorporation lychee, peony, orange blossom and peach a complete definition of summer in a bottle a few spritz of it and it takes on a vacation to an island sipping pinna colada and soaking up the warmth of summers. If you want to have a perfect match of summers and fragrance Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique is your answer. You know how the saying going “when its summer smell like summer” and what else way there is to smell unique then to pick your fragrance as per the weather.

  1. Royal Woody Oud Malaiki, Souk Galleria:

This intoxicating attar manufactured by Souk Galleria has a unique scent. It is a strong fragrance created especially for those people who love to smell strong. As the name itself implies it is blend of oud with rich earthly spices. The rare combination makes for smell not just unique but its non-alcoholic chemical compositions makes it user friendly especially for the people who are asthmatic.


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