Best CBD Oil for Canines


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It is rightly said that dogs are human’s greatest friends. They can drive away all our depression and sadness by their playful gestures.  Needless to say, such a selfless friend has to be properly taken care of.  Sometimes it is observed that after a particular age the dogs starts suffering from chronic diseases and painful moments.  Being a dog owner, I can understand how hard it is to watch your favourite pet in pain.

 If you feel that apart from the normal course of treatment, you would like to do something extra for your canine, consider treating your dog with CBD oil.  CBD or cannabidiol is a liquid extracted from hemp plants.  They are perfectly safe for use and do not have any side effects.

 Here I give you some options of the best CBD oil for dogs

  1.  Paw CBD

This CBD oil comes in four different concentrations and is a high-quality affordable medicine. It comes in concentration of 300mg, 750mg, 1500 mg and 3000 mg.  This CBD oil for Dogs is also great in taste with multiple flavours like peanut butter and coconut oil. The formulas are vegan gluten- free and free of GMOs.  The doses also come in chewable CBD treats which are made up of natural ingredients like honey and steel cut oats.

  1. CBD pet

CBD pet for is organically extracted from hemp and hence is free from harmful chemicals. One bottle contains 99% CBD oil extract and in addition peanut butter oil or coconut oil extract for extra flavour and sweetness.

 This is also the only brand that offers A 90-day money-back guarantee in case you do not get the required results from this medicine.


  1. NuLeaf naturals pet CBD oil

This CBD oil is also derived organically from hemp and comes without any additives or preservatives.  This is a full spectrum CBD oil and is great for your four-legged friends. It is extracted using CO2 instead of solvents and hence does not have any toxic properties.

The NuLeaf CBD oil comes in concentrations of 240 mg, 7 25 mg and 1450 mg.  This brand is affordable and provides quick relief to canines.


  1. Honest paws

 This tincture comes in three concentrations of 125 mg, 250 mg and 500mg.  This oil is highly tested to make sure that it works efficiently on chronic ailments and targets the chronic conditions in pets.

  1. CBDfx

This brand of CBD oil is completely organic and its produced using non-GMO organic hemp grown without pesticides and herbicides. The oil is extracted using cold pressed technology that makes sure that it is packaged without the addition of any harmful chemicals.

Along with the bottle of the CBD oil you will also get the lab test results that emphasizes that they are completely safe for your canines.

To make it easier for the CBD oil to administer the canines, this comes in the form of dog treats, tropicalcreams, capsules and tinctures.  You can select and prefer any of the above-mentioned ways of administering your canines depending upon their palate.


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